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2019-20 UEFA Europa League Season

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Bummer, the team was having good mojo up to know, if that red didn't change our plans early on I think we coulda ran all over Wolves. Let's see what will happen next now. 


23 hours ago, Soprano76 said:

The red was a shite call too, I must say

It was a bit harsh considering some of the other tackles that were much worse, but since he was the last man back I guess the ref felt he needed to toss Semedo...still the team played well. Wolves were a bit lucky to get the goal and leave with a tie. If the match delay is not exceedingly long, I think we have a reasonable shot at getting through in the end.

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Huge win Congrats!!

glad I watched this in full. Tsimikas world class performance and Masouaras inspiring off the bench. El Arabi such a clinical striker. Randelovic was that nice counter attacking threat all game a

Παρότι αρειανός δεν μπορώ να μη συγχαρώ τον Ολυμπιακό για την τεράστια νίκη του. Πανάξια πρόκριση, κατάφερε και ισοπέδωσε την Άρσεναλ. Μπλόκαρε αριστουργηματικά τα ατού της και την υποχρέωσε σε μια πο

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Sport24 is already predicting this lineup with a week still to go ?


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sa

Gaspar _ _ _ _ Ba _ _ _ _ _ Cisse _ _ _ _ _ Tsimikas

 _ _ _ Guilherme _ BouchalakisCamara

Masouras _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Valbuena

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ El Arabi

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@Rodos Is Semedo serving ban for too many yellows? Omar needs to start this one, I hope we don't go with Gaspar. The rest sounds about right, Lovera should get some minutes as should our young Serb winger both of them can be super subs in this game and are capable of an impact.

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Semedo got a straight red in the previous game.

Omar has fitness issues and may not be ready in time (same with Hassan). I really don't rate Lovera at the moment, maybe I will in time but he's done nothing so far to make me change my mine. Randjelovic may get minutes but I agree with starting Masouras over him, given the context of the game.

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Lovera has had a slower start than Randjelovic, I th8nk it is common for south americans when coming to EU. He has been progressing well since his first few appearances though. Did you see his second goal vs Kalamata? It was a beauty of a shot. 25-30 meters out


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Really unlucky, played well (except for some patches where some slack passing allowed Wolves to win the ball high up the pitch and cause problems) had more than enough chances to grab one goal and probably should've been 2. That's the way it goes, unfortunately it's an all too familiar tale for Greek teams in Europe. Fwiw I think Wolves pen was there, poor from Alain a double mistake as soon as his touch got away from him he should've stuck to his line, he had a rush of blood. 


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Shame really about the result but we can be happy with the performance. Even Allain redeemed himself with a couple of the saves later on in the match - shame about the brain fart near the start of the game. I wondered how Fortounis would play in central midfield but I think he did well, some of the passing was pinpoint!
Anyway, lets see how we do over the summer and who comes and goes.

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Olympiakos got robbed by the polish ref on a number of key decisions. That said they had good opportunities to score one goal but Patricio made some nice saves. Wolves were very poor in both legs but are going through were I expect Sevilla to man handle them.

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