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AEK vs Olympiakos


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Congrats on the win migos! Maybe the title is not yet decided...let's see if things begin to get a bit more interesting.


Olympiakos has made and official complaint accusing prominent AEK super fan (and unofficial club Prez) Dimitri Melissanidi of going into the referees' locker room at half time during the derby to have a word with Stavros Mantalos (the ref of that match).


Επίσημη καταγγελία Ολυμπιακού για Μελισσανίδη

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Lol first theodoridis said Dimitriades went into the refs rooms in his interview now they are saying Meli too hahaha this loss really hurt them.

it seems they forget the days when marinakis was doing things like that during kypllo finals, the irony just makes me laugh and shows how bitter they are with this loss.

fact is aek wanted it more and played with passion, Oly didn't create a real chance all game and even Oly fans hammered Karapapara on his fc about it, instead of trying to make battles off the field how about just winning the battle on the pitch where it matters most.

by the way guys Amorgos told me he can't post here anymore has he been banned?

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The season is still early, I wouldn't give it to PAOK just yet, there might be more fan violence and point deductions for others as well, but hopefully not. The Super league has gotten off to its best start since as far as I can recall, I hope things do not degenerate like last season.

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We will soon see of the consistency is there or not, if it is, it may go some way in improving things but I really think hooligans need be held accountable for their actions not the football team who is busting a gut out there

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The hypocrisy from the elitist aek fan. You never expressed this view when the scumbag PAOK fan though the paper roll at olympiakos' coach or with our president storming the pitch. Maybe you think out football team just weren't busting their guts out there when they were on a roll and being labelled by all pundits as the best team in Greece at the time

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