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So, what is really the argument here, in this thread? One side argues the police is the victim and that blacks are unreasonable in their behavior and demand. The other side (those here not everyone wi

How about all lives matter?

OK. Fair point. But, what is it that makes, say, Canadian POs, or British, etc, react differently? Mentally disturbed persons or those who don't pose immediate harm to others, or even irate and t

On 3/30/2019 at 8:35 AM, js1000 said:

I wonder what this organisation makes of the Justin Smollett allegations.

I bet these types of questions must be keeping you up at night huh?

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The US Naval Special Warfare Command said Sunday it is investigating a video that showed military working dogs attacking a stand-in wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey during a demonstration at the Navy Seal Museum last year.

What a disgrace for the US Navy! A clear display of whom they consider the 'bad guy'. A terrible lapse of judgement from the officers responsible for the training or a clear sign about the degree in which racism is wide spread in all US institutions? Top command better come down hard on this.




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