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He costed us the match vs. Liverpool, yeah you heard me straight up! In that game Olympiakos was playing with 10 men, including 1 lazy player.  :blink: 

No,it was Bajevic my friend.
Pedia ehete kai oi dio dikio! O Giovanni itan poli m#$%!s me to Liverpool, tipota den prosfere stin omada, alla kai o Bajevic yiati den ebexe ton Okka pou itan o kaliteros paihtis entos edras? O Giovanni den kani yia ton Olympiako pia, an erthi kai piso stin Ellada kanei yia kamia omada san tin Xanthi yia na ferei peira, tipota allo.
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O Giovanni den kani yia ton Olympiako pia, an erthi kai piso stin Ellada kanei yia kamia omada san tin Xanthi yia na ferei peira, tipota allo.[/color][/color][/b]

Ego pantos den eipa oti kanei gia ton olympiako pia,etsi?Aplos eipa oti den ftaiei gia kapoia apotelesmata tis omadas.
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I don't care if he made other contrabutions for Olympiakos (such as in the Greek League), only that he NEVER did anything in Europe.  :angry:

It was not his fault either.Where are you going(ennoo pou pas?) with Anatolakis,Maurogenidis,Kafes,Pantos,Maric,Rezic,Vallas?To play in europe?
:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :nw: :nw:

thanks for the laugh man :tup: :tup:

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Anyways paidia you must be joking when 35 percent voted that they want Giovanni back at the Limani. Are you kidding me or what! We are trying to move this team towards a European powerhouse that could oneday potentially compete in Champions League--yet you guys are saying to bring this old fart back to Peiraia. To do what re paidia? Play m alakia? We dont need attitudes like his on this team and its better off he goes back to Brazil to finish his career. Never liked him at Barcelona or Olympiakos. Did not step up in the big games in Europe. Yes the man is skilled, but his attitude diminished and overshadowed any chances of what type of impact player he was capable of being with the skill he has as a footballer. Sorry kupie Giovanni. Time to retire. Ade gia. Ela re filoi. Xeipneistai ligaki.

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Giovanni already had his time, so it doesn't seem a good move for Olympiakos to sign him back. Unless Kokkalis wants to turn it into a charitable institution for these old stars to enjoy retirement at the sunny Aegean.

Younger players, skilled, with the right attitude and ambition are what is needed at the Limani for Olympiakos to become regularly more competitive in Europe.

South America and Africa are usually good and cheap markets, though you should never overlook the home greek talents that can feel the club and its roots. A good mix between skillful "ellines" and "kseni" would be a good starting point to boost Olympiakos chances at an European Cup.

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I read about it in sportime and ondered what he meant

I thought that my limited understanding of Greek prevented me from understanding the exact meaning of the phraze

I tired translation to English and it saud "Now with Ribbo is the same" Well, did he meant that he is benched ? This is not true , thanks the Lord, he was benched only if he was injured or they wanted to "sppare' him (The latter I did not like because i thoght that a player his age has to play always when he is fit)

So, what kind of thing he thought saying "with Ribbo is the same" I do not know

About the new players he said they are irrelevant' it is true about some, some are all right

What is the worst thing in his speach because it is 100% true is about the best organization

The money is there but it is not spent efficiently

As he said. with all duer respect to the president and Mr. Lovaris they beed some people who understand football to deside about the signings

It is really easy to get cheated by the hundredd of agents hich are there , some of them corrupted, and yoy buy some player and than see it is not what they sold you

WE must realize that very few top players want to come to Greece' even if Rivaldo can be an atrraction for some ' like Borja for example

What is the remedy? Kokkalis must do what a clever manager of en enterprize does

He hires somebody which is expert and pays him in order to do what he suggests

SOme managers can not accept that they obey the man the y hire' only the clever onse do it

Those are just my thoughts provoced by the Gio interview

Maybe some of you can explain it more thourouly ' being Greek your native language

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On 2/1/2004 at 4:18 AM, HOLLYWOOD said:

whats the point of this topic??? ?

Giovanni is old

I know this is from ancient times and this poster is probably long gone but, look at this blasphemous ingrate who dares (dared?) to call himself a soccer fan....for shame sir. Someone should wash your mouth with soap for this f-ery.

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