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  1. I mean for a team who is willing to excel further this year for CL this is by no means a good move... But as Giovanni one of the most loved players for me personally id take him back for ONE LAST year only if his wage was like 200K or sumthin....
  2. Ch thrylos thanx for the info on the young guns... i can never find any info on them..
  3. for me rite now i have to say: papadopoulos..... simply for the reasin of being able to hook shot with both left and right hands... anyone who plays basket will understand what an advanatge it is to have an eay hook shot.... its simply unblockable if u get ur body poisitioned and he has the perfect echinque.... lets not forget his amazing rebound numbers and great shooting from the threeforw line for a player his height(though he was pretty dodgy in the european final games for greece).....
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