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  1. Rockets are off to a slow start but should pick up as the season progresses. Their lineup looks a little bit weak when you look past Tmac and Ming but hopefully a few of their role players can step up and be productive.
  2. it's hard to go past Spurs. Not only did they win last season but they came back and added Michael Finley to the mix. going to be very hard to stop. They are also the current betting favourites at around $3.25-$3.50 for the title
  3. Spurs and Heat are definitely contendors this year. Detroit, Indiana, Houston and Dallas will be in it with a shot too I think Suns lost a lot of their hopes with Amare out for 4 months otherwise they'd be up there too.
  4. there are a lot of soccer fans here, so would like to know what was the very best match that you have ever seen and why? Thanks!
  5. has anybody heard much about this yet? I've heard from a few people that he is injured, some saying that he's out for the whole season due to knee injury and that he needs an operation, others saying that it's not that serious. If he is lost for the year then Phoenix is gone, there goes their title hopes.
  6. I've been thinking about this a bit more and think that Cleveland may be a solid shot at making the finals this year in the East They've added Donyell Marshall and Larry Hughes, they are going to be top 4 going into the playoffs. Should be another team to keep an eye on
  7. it is interesting that Germany is not included in the top 10. they did quite well in the recent championships.
  8. Who do you guys pick to win the title next year? I think Spurs and Miami are hot contendors, but I also think Detroit will have a decent shot again. Who do you see as having a good realistic outside shot of winning the title?
  9. I knew Tarver would win this fight, he had caused a lot of problems for Roy Jones Jr the 1st two times they fought as well. Plus Jones is pretty old now too and also lost to Glen Johnson before this fight. I think RJJ is crazy if he continues to box after this and is just ruining his own name with all these recent losses. What do you guys think?
  10. true, it is a huge asset for a bigman to have a consistent hook shot with either hand how tall is he exactly? thanks for the info
  11. Would be interested in hearing some info on the current best player from Greece. Thanks!
  12. the #1 pick from Australia has had mixed performances in the preseason sometimes getting in foul trouble and struggling against no-name players. But he had a great year in college and seems to have a lot of skills. What do you guys think he will do when he plays in the NBA and do you see him making an impact?
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