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  1. I read about it in sportime and ondered what he meant I thought that my limited understanding of Greek prevented me from understanding the exact meaning of the phraze I tired translation to English and it saud "Now with Ribbo is the same" Well, did he meant that he is benched ? This is not true , thanks the Lord, he was benched only if he was injured or they wanted to "sppare' him (The latter I did not like because i thoght that a player his age has to play always when he is fit) So, what kind of thing he thought saying "with Ribbo is the same" I do not know About the new players he said they are irrelevant' it is true about some, some are all right What is the worst thing in his speach because it is 100% true is about the best organization The money is there but it is not spent efficiently As he said. with all duer respect to the president and Mr. Lovaris they beed some people who understand football to deside about the signings It is really easy to get cheated by the hundredd of agents hich are there , some of them corrupted, and yoy buy some player and than see it is not what they sold you WE must realize that very few top players want to come to Greece' even if Rivaldo can be an atrraction for some ' like Borja for example What is the remedy? Kokkalis must do what a clever manager of en enterprize does He hires somebody which is expert and pays him in order to do what he suggests SOme managers can not accept that they obey the man the y hire' only the clever onse do it Those are just my thoughts provoced by the Gio interview Maybe some of you can explain it more thourouly ' being Greek your native language
  2. I did not understand it so well Who will trqnslate the Greek of TL to the foreign players? Djole? To which languages? Please explain
  3. I have seen the match and really enjoyed the goals But shall we ever stop suffering stupid goals in the last minutes? That illness (rosenburg, Madrid) killed us in CL last year I hope the team can be cured of this illness soon Which goal was the most beautiful?? It is hard to decide Rvaldo's FK was great as always, Konstantinous' was great, Kastillo, everyone of them Which is your choice??
  4. Our attack definitely is functioning This time: 5:0 on Blackburn :P Is balack burn so weak or are we good?? Most of the goals were group effort, whic i a good sign
  5. This was the 2 team The attack functions more or less even with the second teqm, but the defense? Sory, no Do not compare the last match with RIvaldo and Djordjevic, Bullout and others and and the normal defense Maybe Julio Cesar will help in thi matter BTW where is Felix Borja??
  6. ERT SAT is not transmitting the game who does???? What is the exact hour of the match' Greek time?
  7. Can you bring up the whole anthem in some audio file I liked it a lot accompanying the last game, and i would like to have it Thank you in advance Luz
  8. This "paracamera" video was wonderful really, especially for us who could not see the game live and had to hear it on the radio instead Thank you for leting us have the feeling of the Karaiskaki Stadium Now I am waiting for the Rivaldo FK, the only think I would liketo remember of this game in en empty stadium
  9. Thank you again and we are awaitig the Gevanni magic this time
  10. Thank you for the GOALS I hope there will be plenty more for us to enjoy :king: :tup:
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