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  1. Anyways paidia you must be joking when 35 percent voted that they want Giovanni back at the Limani. Are you kidding me or what! We are trying to move this team towards a European powerhouse that could oneday potentially compete in Champions League--yet you guys are saying to bring this old fart back to Peiraia. To do what re paidia? Play m alakia? We dont need attitudes like his on this team and its better off he goes back to Brazil to finish his career. Never liked him at Barcelona or Olympiakos. Did not step up in the big games in Europe. Yes the man is skilled, but his attitude diminished and overshadowed any chances of what type of impact player he was capable of being with the skill he has as a footballer. Sorry kupie Giovanni. Time to retire. Ade gia. Ela re filoi. Xeipneistai ligaki.
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