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  1. Here's a beautfiul video from Kostas' career in Benfica so far this season. Watch it!
  2. Katsouranis has been playing well for Benfica (as I expected he would) and we can say that he's won his place in the midfield alongside Petit in Santos' starting eleven. ;) He's scored 2 goals so far in the Portuguese League: a header against Pacos de Ferreira (a 1-1 away draw) and another great header against Porto (a very unfortunate 2-3 away loss). Anyway, Benfica is slowly getting into shape after a fairly poor start from the season and coach Fernando Santos is finally managing to get the team to put some more consistent exhibitions recently, especially an impressive comeback from 0-2 to 2-2 in Porto, just to miserabily lose with a late goal in the 90+2nd minute... :angry: Also, the greek star has been involved in a controversy recently, because Porto accused him of purposedly injuring their brazilian young star Anderson in the last game, but that's just the usual Porto babbling nonsense, for they're just sore losers even when they win, besides their deep hatred for Benfica. Amazing stuff...:tdown: Kostas played good tonight against Celtic, as Benfica beat the scots with a sound 3-0.
  3. What was the result of the game against Anderlecht? Did Olympiakos play well?
  4. Giovanni already had his time, so it doesn't seem a good move for Olympiakos to sign him back. Unless Kokkalis wants to turn it into a charitable institution for these old stars to enjoy retirement at the sunny Aegean. Younger players, skilled, with the right attitude and ambition are what is needed at the Limani for Olympiakos to become regularly more competitive in Europe. South America and Africa are usually good and cheap markets, though you should never overlook the home greek talents that can feel the club and its roots. A good mix between skillful "ellines" and "kseni" would be a good starting point to boost Olympiakos chances at an European Cup.
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