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Weird. Was Staf playing on the right side recently? I thought they had slid him in as CB for some reason (and obviously he's...a left-back). Been a while since I've bothered with that team.

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PAOK players international duties this coming week:

GREECE - Paschalakis, Lyratzis
25.03.2022 20:15 EET:  Romania - Greece  (Friendly Game)
28.03.2022 21:00 EEST:  Montenegro - Greece  (Friendly Game)

26.03.2022 16:00 EET:  Slovenia - Croatia  (Friendly Game - Doha, Qatar)
29.03.2022 19:30 EEST:  Slovenia - Qatar  (Friendly Game) - Doha, Qatar)

ALBANIA - Mihaj (called up but will not play due to Covid)
26.03.2022 16:00 EET:  Spain - Albania  (Friendly Game)
29.03.2022 19:00 EEST:  Albania - Georgia  (Friendly Game)

SERBIA - Zivkovic A.
24.03.2022 20:30 EET: Hungary - Serbia  (Friendly Game)
29.03.2022 19:00 EEST:  Denmark - Serbia  (Friendly Game)

ROMANIA - Mitrita
25.03.2022 20:15 EET:  Romania - Greece  (Friendly Game)
29.03.2022 20:45 EEST:  Israel - Romania  (Friendly Game)

SURINAM - Biseswar
27.03.2022 16:00 EEST:  Thailand - Surinam (Friendly Game)

24.03.2022 19:00 EET:  Kosovo - Burkina Faso  (Friendly Game)
29.03.2022 21:45 EEST:  Belgium - Burkina Fason  (Friendly Game)

GREECE U21 - Talichmanidis, Tsiggaras

25.03.2022 19:00 EET:  Greece - Liechtenstein (Euro U21 Qualifying)                
29.03.2022 19:00 EEST: Greece - Portugal (Euro U21 Qualifying)

GREECE U19 - Athanasiou

25.03.2022 tba EET:  Greece - Malta (Friendly Game)
29.03.2022 tba EEST: Greece - Malta (Friendly Game)   

GREECE U17 - Aggelidis, Georgiadis, Filon, Deligiannis, Kottas, Goumas, Adam, Gitersos, Tzimas

24.03.2022 20:00 EET:  Greece - Slovakia (Euro U17 Qualifying - Elite Round - Venray, Holland) 
27.03.2022 13:00 EEST: Greece - Hungary (Euro U17 Qualifying - Elite Round - Uden, Holland) 
30.03.2022 17:00 EEST: Greece - Holland (Euro U17 Qualifying - Elite Round - Uden, Holland)    

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The reason for that is because he is the PAOK player with most games played this season. And on top of that he never had break between seasons as he was taking part in a tournament in the US during the summer. I think we can blame Lucescu for playing him non-stop.

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I would like to understand how Lucescu does not see that he is exhausted. His Belgian opponent was literally jogging past him with the ball after just 15 minutes the other night. Slightly worrying to think he could start against Marseille.

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Mitrita starting for Romania in the Romania - Greece friendly. No other PAOK players starting in the game. Only ex-PAOK players Pelkas and Limnios. Lyratzis and Paschalakis on the bench.

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4 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

Tzolis ads another one for the U21 NT. Final score Greece - Liechtenstein 4:0.

Fun fact: this match is his debut for the U21!!!! He has 13 caps with the senior team before this debut.

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