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I agree. I also don't have a problem with a player participating with their NT, but I DO have a problem with them being penalized for it. If he gets cut, it'll be because he's truly past it. But considering our history of patiently waiting for Biseswar to get into shape, I don't think there's an issue here.

Even if he was in the team from day 1, how likely would he be to start over Warda or Kagawa, anyway? Assuming Warda isn't cut immediately haha

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7 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

Lewandowski is an utter disappointment for Poland so far. Swid should be starting instead of him.

You think Swiderski, who isn't a lock to start every game with us, should be starting over Lewandowski who plays at Bayern Munich and has scored key goals in deciding titles and the Champions League? 

From what I saw the problem wasn't Lewandowski, the Poles couldn't get the ball to him with any quality what so ever. 

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One of their better players. Which probably means he'll be subbed off any time now.

Penalty in favor of Spain, which they missed. 1-1 still. Would like to see Poland beat them

-edit- and as soon as I post that, he gets subbed off

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