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PAOK International Players (National Teams)


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Most recent list of PAOK internationals for this weeks games:

GREECE: Tzolis, Giannoulis
25.3., 21:45 at Spain, 28.3., 17:00 Honduras (Toumba), 31.3. 21:45 Georgia (Toumba)

GREECE U21: Tsiggaras, Michailidis, Lyratzis, Koutsias
25.3., 17:30  Cyprus

POLAND: Swiderski
25.3., 21:45 at Hungary, 28.3., 21:45 Andorra, 31.3., 21:45 at England

SERBIA: A. Zivkovic
24.3., 21:45 Ireland, 27.3., 21:45 Portugal, 30.3., 19:00 at Azerbaijan

CZECH REPUBLIC: Michael Krmencik
24.3., 19:00 at Estonia, 27.3., 21:45 Belgium, 30.3., 21:45 Wales

ICELAND: Ingason
25.3., 21:45 at Germany, 28.3., 19:00 Armenia, 31.3., 21:45 Liechtenstein

GHANA: Baba Rahman
25.3., 18:00 at South Africa, 28.3., 19:00 Sao Tome


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Baba Rahman started in South Africa - Ghana (1:1) game.

Michailidis, Lyratzis, Tsiggaras and Koutsias played in the Greece - Cyprus U21 (0:0) game. The first three started the game. Koutsias came off the bench in the second half. 

swiderski is not even on the bench for the Hungary - Poland game.

Ingason is a starter in the Germany - Iceland game.

Finally Tzolis will start on the bench in the Spain - Greece game.


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Interesting game so far (I tuned in about halftime). Blackhawk, is there any resource for those of us who want to take advantage of VPNs for these kinds of games? I'd imagine one of these countries would have something streamed online similar to Open?




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Yes, I watched the Czech game on Czech TV Sport chann (something like ERT Sport) in Greece using VPN while I am visiting my son in Pittsburgh. Krmencik played ok. He hit the post in 1st half. He seemed tired in the second half.

Vydra is a common last name in Czech Republic. Our Vydra eventually changed the spelling of his name to Vyntra once he came to Greece. 

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7 hours ago, Dutch Eagle said:

Biseswar made his debut for Surinam in the 0-6 away win against Aruba.

He had a pre-assist and two assists, though one of them doesn't count as such as it was followed by an owngoal.

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