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Turkish Violations

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The EU has been disastrous for Greece. Obviously the Greek governments are also at fault. But PASOK, ND and to a lesser extent Syriza, these are all pro-EU governments. They say they are different, however they all follow the same Eurocrat interests.

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Greeks have this 'super romantic' notion of being aligned to russia....in some mythical orthodox brotherhood...


it's predictable in the anti west rhetoric....


the question I always ask is....


how many of the Eastern European countries that were under Soviet control have a kind word to say about Moscow?


we luckily missed out.....too many Greeks are either yearning for 1947 to be rewritten...or just believed all the crap they heard from their fathers and uncles...


a good greek will then default to anti Israel talk...followed up by quotes from prophets about The Poli....

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@thrylos G7...


it's fine for you to like Serbs on a personal level and if you find affinity with them thru religion or some other reason that is all very good at a personal level..


people are people...and friendships and relationships are important...



I have met a handful of Serbs in my life.....and what strikes me is  that above all they are Slav and proud of it....they are much closer to Skops than to us......they have a more natural connection..


I work with a Skop and she is very Pro Serb.....she approaches Serbs with open arms and there is a mutual openness and brotherhood...


during the time of the Balkan war the odd Serb may have reached out to me for some solace and support...

However as the years have gone on, I can say the average Serb in the street that I come across shows no more 'warmth' to me than they would to an Italian or a Pole....


I think a lot of Greeks look out for this 'brotherhood'....the more you look for it..the more you will find it..

a lot of the 'nationalistic political type Greeks' seem to see this more than the 'normal ' greeks...


a bit like why certain people see ghosts and spirits and others don't...

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but they have created a system and government they want...by default....


Whether it's a left over from ottoman times or other factors. Greeks do not really appreciate the role of Government.....

I think they have been conditioned to 'cut corners'.....


sociopolitically Greece is a basket case and by modern western standards essentially ungovernable...

They revert to the Che Guevara mindset too easily.......it's a perplexing society in the way they think and in their expectations...


If they were too adopt the 'Scandinavian socialist " model....would they really know how to live by it? And how long before they brought it back to a Greek version which would revert to what we have today..

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the problem is 'Greece's interests' may not serve the interests of the individual? or the ideological interests of many..


Hence why the politicians pander to the lao....and we have the current result...


I believe a lot of the politicians have good intentions but get swamped with the perplexity of the problems.  and they then become complicit in the disaster

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Iceland is not part of the EU and Switzerland is not part of the EU nor NATO. Being a basket case has more to do with policy approach. If Greece veers towards more socialism, as Albania and Venezuela had, then yes Greece will fall into further economic despair. If Greece become largely private, capitalist economy, then actual economic growth and prosperity is possible. That has a lot to do with the mindset of the people, but giving into their socis a alist demands will only drive Greece further into the abyss.


BTW, by remaining in the EU, Greece will lose it's identity as a nation state. Greeks are trading their sovereignty and independence for a failed social security/social welfare net.



Greece will not become largely private, capitalist economy....(we do not have the correct structure or will)


the whole 'sovereignty' line is a typical Greek socialist anti Imperialism propaganda..


it does not really mean what its meant to mean....the EU has provided greece with billions that we have not been able to take advantage of..

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Serbia did the damage in Macedonia between 1900-1950...they then backed it up symbolically in the 1990s ..


Greece non recognition of Kosovo is interesting in the sense that we have read comments previously that we don't want to set a precedent for TRNC?


The thought of approaching Tirana and Washington over Kosovo is a great idea...

however we are currently governed by Che Guevara...Tsakalotos had ancestors who fought in the greek civil war...He has been reported as saying that his great uncle fought for the wrong side....(the side that won)...


I get called a crazed fascists when I describe SYRIZA as bitter left overs from the losing side in 1947...History can't be rewritten and perhaps the truth hurts some...and perhaps Hellas is still paying for it today...


(As we are on the eve of Euro 2016).....perhaps if in1947 things  went the other way...Dellas, Vryzas, Charisteas may have not been part of Euro 2004...or perhaps they may have worn a darker shade of blue....with red socks...

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6 hours ago, Reaper said:

Whether you agree with anyone who expresses an opinion in this article, it's a great example how reasonable, mature people should argue. ;)

You can make your point, severely criticize the ideas and actions of others, while keeping it civil..... and, actually set the tone for a discussion not a cursing match.

Even though I may seriously disagree with some of you on a variety of issues, I do appreciate your civility in arguing your views. Thank you.

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^we all know what most likely is gonna happen.

now turkish media claims that greek fishing boats violate turkish waters but in fact they are in greek territory.



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greek deputy shipping minister now says that the news around inhabiting or building infrasructures on the uninhabited aegean islands in not true and that they have no plans for that to even start with.


turkey's latest airspace violations.


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10 hours ago, Nikitas said:

the greek supreme court ruled against the extradition of the 8 turkish soldiers.


I think it was the proper decision. These people would be tortured and killed by Ertodgan's regime. No chance they'd get a fair trial, but even this expression "fair trial" has lost meaning in Turkey today.

They have passed laws making many things illegal, like free expression, right to confront the evidence against you in a timely manner, etc. So, if Turkey tried these people, they can be "legally" found in violation of the law........ It's a sham.

The interesting thing I heard was that the Tsipras gov wanted the Supreme Court to rule the other way.... I could see why he'd want that...

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Maybe it's possible Tsipras made it look like he wanted to hand them over to Erdogan, when in fact he didn't want to and had confidence the judicial decision would "tie his hands" so to speak.  Just saying, that's the smart move politically.

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Nikitas is probably guessing right. In this ocean of troubles for Tsipras, if he could take some credit for progress on the Cyprus problem, he would not hesitate to send those 8 back. So, don't anger Erdogan, play nice in exchange for something.

Plus, as others have said, Greece cannot afford to escalate with Turkey. Military exercises are costly, so unless absolutely necessary...

I think the courts decided correctly as Turkey is a brutal state, turning into a cult. Those 8 may have committed crimes (killing civilians?) but there's no way they'd get fair treatment if sent back.

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I wonder if Greece's established democracy, since 1974, is strong enough that would prevent a Greek Erdogan from taking power and turning the country like he has done with Turkey....

[what? don't tell me you haven't thought of it, or wished it, or think it's impossible..]:huh:

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So, we understand better.... What are you suggesting that Greece should do?

I'm talking about something meaningful, not something "for internal consumption" as you have Erdogan doing....   Hmmm?:children-870953:

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Hey gentlemen, it's a pleasure to be joining this platform and sharing in discussion. This is my first contribution but I've been reading this forum for a long time now. Hope you're all doing well. 

I found this article particularly interesting regarding the Hellenic Coast Guard and backing down first. Would this be a decision made by the person navigating the boat, or perhaps from command trying to avoid incident? Not sure this is the correct message to send the Turks, but its easy for me to say in the comfort of my home.


New Incident Between Greek and Turkish Coast Guards off Imia Island


A new incident between a boat of the Hellenic Coast Guard and another boat of the Turkish Coast guard was reported today by Ihlas Haber Ajansi news agency.

According to reports, the two vessels exchanged communication, both sides requesting the immediate departure of the other from the site. In specific, the Turkish side announced “We are the Turkish coast guard. You are in Turkish water, please remove yourself from Turkish waters.” The Greek coastguard responded similarly saying, “Here are the Imia islands. Please evacuate the Greek territory immediately.”

The news agency also reported that a chase ensued when the boat belonging to the Turkish Coast Guard pursued the Greek one approaching as close as a 20 meter distance. However, the Greek side eventually backed down and the event came to an end with the departure of both vessels from the area.

This is only one of the many provocations that have taken place since Turkey’s President Recep Tayipp Erdogan has put into question the Treaty of Lausanne in an attempt to make claims on the Greek islands

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welcome @Itcoco , enjoy the forum.

i think the tensions will get worse overtime specially around imia. i hope greece stands firm everytime. the american hellenic institute wrote a letter to trump about the tensions with turkey.


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