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I was on Sportdog.gr which has links to the front pages of the national sports newspapers and "H ORA TON SPOR" claims that AEK is close to agreeing a deal that will see AEK play at the Elliniko stadium next year. If I'm not mistaken that's only a 10k stadium and one that E8nikos plays at. Personally I think that could be a shrewd move because it will be filled with Gate 21 fans, making it small and intimidating (like Leoforo was). This could provide you with an important home ground advantage.

Is there any truth in this report though?

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AEK are trying to urge the government to allow us 2 more thousand seats so our stadium can hold 30 thousand. The minimum capacity is 28 thousand and the maximum is 30 thousand. I personally would have liked our stadium to be around 33 to 35 thousand. Fingers cross everything goes well.


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