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Obviously the thing that changed is that now The Constructing Company has the role of finding the funds and handing AEK the key at the end of the Project but also takes advantage of the management of the trade facilities for longer.

In parallel Granitsas seems to have asked the Minister for 25million Euro as part of the help of the ministry to ammature clubs for facilities.

I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. Maybe the income AEK expected from the facilites are about to fall a littel or too much?

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In all honestly that pic of your stadio looks hot

if everything goes well next thing u know us fans will be arguing about the stadia LOL

what is the capacity of that stadio 35,000-40,000

the good thing about that stadio is that it is a closed style stadium which makes it really loud and u know all the fans play into the game

anywayz good luck with the reconstruction

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