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^ I saw a bit of the game today,

1-1 Bologna tied Roma

But the comintartor was talking about how Moras is a really good defender and that his game has big time improved. He said that he is a big man thast got quick feet and defends well. What he also said is that he completly shut down Iaquinta last week vs Juventus?

But I dont knwo. From what I saw Moras was not too bad and would make an excelent super league defender.

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Generally you're right but the exception was Giannakopoulos who was excellent at Bolton and even had a move to Rafa Benitez's Liverpool blocked by Alladyce.

Dabizas was superb when he first went, then he went down hill. Kyrgiakos did fairly well despite what the British media will have you believe. Zagorakis was also part of the Leicester team that was making Europe so he wasn't that bad at all.

The only real success was Giannakopoulos though

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giannakopoulo was the only true success in the prem. he became a leader at that club, not only through his very good play, but also his attitude and mentality..

his stats in league play alone--

03-04--31 app--2 goals

04-05--34 app--7 goals

05-06--34 app--9 goals

06-07--23 app--0 goals

07-08--12 app--2 goals

thats not counting all his appearances in europe, and domestic cup matches, where he had some very good performances..although an ex-oly player, i felt proud watching him play in england...he was one of the few that gave us a good name in that league...

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Agreed. Stelios did great in the premiership.

Dabizas played in an FA Cup final and had over 100 apperances and a handful of goals for Newcastle so he wasn't that bad. I think the Newcastle teams he played with were not as good as the big clubs.

Moras doesn't have a lot of time to impress. his contract is only until January so I hope for his sake he does well.

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