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  1. Seems like Silva learnt from his mistakes against Bayern. You simply can?t chase the ball for 90 min but rather do a bit of everything, not to mention never press relentlessly for long periods as your players will be gassed and concede late on. I liked that he attacked arsenal, every time he conceded. Are you not vulnerable once you concede? Arsenal fell for it every time. Wise decision to start fortouni and ask him to drop deeper, they really missed his ball retention against the Germans. Seems somewhat of a suitable role until he refines his skills in the final third. However he needs to stop going down so easily and expecting love each and every time from the official, as this isn?t the superliga. Regarding the new guys, none really caught my eye. Can?t help thinking that most of these guys are just rejects, the likes of porto and benfica didn?t want. As for pardo, seriously freeze you jumped the gun too early on this guy. Looks like he needs to lay off the crispy creams. As for their strikers, the Nigerian and the scandanavian are two peas in a pot as both have a poor first touch. By the time it takes them to get a hold of the ball, the opposition defence settles. Indeye is quick but seems to lack the finish the scandanavian has. Neither come close to mitroglou of 2013. On a final note, these English clubs continue to stink it up. What is now a combined 5 losses and just the 1 win. No wonder they take turns embarrassing each other in the EPL.
  2. What huge leap? This isn't the old pao or do you mean psychologically? First and for most, I need to see him before i can judge him but can he not play upfront with berg? He is better on the ball than karelis from the glimpses i've seen.
  3. Rukavina is definitely a lost talent. Once upon a time he was ahead of his croatian class including mandzukic. He had pace and ability on the ball so he could create for himself and open up desired angles on goal. Was injury prone but his biggest issue was confidence. The guy needed a mentor and around the clock care. Also as soon as he got cashed up, he seemed to stop working.
  4. As i've previously mentioned, he is ahead of the current domestic generation, a flawed generation but nonetheless. Needs to improve a hell of a lot to earn respect. Meanwhile They leave dourmaz out of their UCL roster, they could've used him against bayern as he seems to be on song at the moment.
  5. The argument offcourse being toure and oly... Lewandowski has an eye for goal, can play with his back to goal and has a good touch, so i'm pretty confident he would've panned out. Obviously the germans improved him, but he was great in poland. Wasn't all that bad because we got cisse even though with lewandowski you double your money.. Anyway the guy showed how he can turn on his quality in a flash - from dragging his feet against oly, to embarrassing the wolfsburg defense. I think it is also worth mentioning though that wolfsburg now have dante at the back. Seriously this guy is a disaster of a defender. Once bayern realized their mistake they sent his arse packing.
  6. I've seen my fair share of soap operas in my life, but they don't compare... So basically don't sign players from liverpool, lyon, and milan
  7. Leverkusen have a problem on the left side of their defense. All three goals pretty much came from that side. Kyriakos was in two minds constantly and his lack of pace doesn't help. I don't remember him being this slow. I think we can cut him some slack in this performance, but the lazio games really highlighted his flaws. Looks a different player unfortunately. Injuries will do that to you.
  8. ^^^Its no secret tuchel rates him highly. He said it himself prior to taking the job.
  9. Diego costa has been like that his whole career, dirty player and always manages to evade the official. Wins points in mourinho's books though. I would so punch this guy, but not while the referee is watching. Gabriel goes and stomps on his foot in front of mike dean and pretty much costs his side. West ham is rocking on the road! Too many changes for city. Introducing otamendi in the last two games has been detrimental. Great defender but needs time to settle in.
  10. Well said. Players like ronaldo are the reason you start watching the game. I think if I started watching nowadays, I wouldn't be so interested. I feel for the younger generation, hell I missed out on a lot. Unfortunately the seed has already been planted, but it gets harder with each passing season. In the past, players were much more technically gifted. They were worthy of their reputations and salary. Nowadays you have the likes of Muller and Diego Costa...
  11. This has got to insight fear into everyone, a weakened spain going all the way.
  12. In these later stages, it is so often the case that you need a star that can create his own shot and carry the load offensively. We have some good players coming through but we need to produce someone of this description.
  13. This is a coup for these guys. He'll be back in greece though in a year to pursue some staff role perhaps. When the greeks come over to Australia, it's usually a shock to the system. The lifestyle here blows as opposed to greece but many have been forced to come and pursue work. The stadium is a close drive, but i won't bother.
  14. Ronaldo fenomeno was many people's favourite, mine as well. Once deemed not good enough by kalamata during his trial, he went on to conquer the world. Best striker i ever witnessed.
  15. The budget excuse gets tiresome. In the end of the day its 11 v 11, and with a combination of determination and the right game plan you can stifle the favourites. The english clubs for instance this round (bar chelsea), have been gia ton p*****.
  16. ^^Send him to panionios :P
  17. The kid has nothing on chori, but he should've started today. They have a surplus of wingers on their list, to a point that they can't include them all, whilst they are worryingly thin in the middle and lacking ball retainers. Bar pardo, their wingers barely threatened. The CB duo is not as bad as abidal-botia, but naturally lacking chemistry early in the season. Ideye with his movement seems a breath of fresh air compared to mitroglou, only real positive i saw.
  18. If you don't have the ball, sooner or later you are going to concede. If I were a TD, i would spend the bulk of the $$$$ on 3 CM that can hold the ball. Chori is one, but he can only give you an hour - 70 min pushing it. Oly have no players here but rather too many wingers. This bayern side is nothing special, i mean they have quality individuals but guardiola handicaps his side with these complicated systems. Oly needed to be more aggressive and press higher, the salino chance resulted from the rare occasion they did this. Not to mention, there was much confusion in that bayern 3 man backline, oly didn't exploit.
  19. Disagree. I would say that he only consistently provides a threat from dead ball situations. Whether he is taking them himself, or looking to win the ball in the air from a corner. He leaps well. In open play though, he only thrives if you give him space. So if you employ a high line, you are pretty much asking for trouble. Guardiola found that out personally, after his side were trounced 4-0 two years back. In that same season in the final, Simeoni?s tactics pretty much erased ronaldo for 90 min. He was closely marked, and limited space to work. Mind you this wasn?t a rare occasion, as clever managers have successfully managed to limit his influence. Since you bring up messi, the little ?kontopoutano? in his prime, differed from Ronaldo because he always showed he could go to work in those tight spaces. His whole career he has had to play in a system, which its fundamentals are to recycle possession and create space. Despite ronaldo being two years his senior, messi is the first showing signs of slowing down. However i think he will eventually age more gracefully out of the pair because he is just as brilliant as a creator in a deeper role - a role he already plays for argentina. How old is ibagaza? Approaching 40? These argentinians from the old school age like fine wine and can still be utilized despite losing pace. Once ronaldo loses his pace, he will be unrecognizable. Overall Messi and not ronaldo belongs to the ages.
  20. ^^The good thing about mitroglou is that he doesn't get discouraged by criticism. Problem is that he is not the same player post surgery. Same scenario with falcao. These guys have been butchered on the operating table. 5 penalties awarded to two spanish sides. Nothing out of the ordinary. Real's first was a joke. Ronaldo's celebration was embarrassing. Best in the world? :lol: Notice how he thrives in these type of games and in the big games he is virtually a spectator? The officials also did their best to screw over the old lady, but once again they showed their resilience. Fantastic side.
  21. Two of their guys put us to the sword, one being absolute superstar. But it was our game to lose and we lost it, to a weakened spain mind you, nothing more to say.
  22. Despite his age, tavla hasn't regressed in any way. The only change is that he is missing his buddy in gordon. Also we need to cut our defenders some slack. We play with one holder, and no wingers. If we switch to a 4-2-3-1, you will see a world of difference, defensively anyway.
  23. val

    Rival Teams

    You guys just might have the best midfield. I like the double pivot johannsen(especially) and simeos. I don't think your CB are particularly great but with these two in front, they offer the required protection. The attackers in front are good on the ball, especially diego as the league needs players like him. My only problem with him is his physique. I'll be surprised if he weighs more than 50kg.... I like galo, i have my doubts about soiledis. Overall just by looking at this side, you can tell that people with a football sense put this side together. Offcourse melissanidis himself knows the game well. Shame you guys didn't pick up a striker. That lafferty guy has everything, perhaps make a play for him in jan?
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