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  1. What are you talking about? 08/09 match day 4, bremen 0-3 pao match day 5, inter 0-1 pao
  2. val


    The team is lacking in more than one position.
  3. val

    New Coach

    I don't understand the unrealistic expectations of some of the aek fans. At least with pao, when the team lost in anastasiou's first year, the fans always applauded. Rightly so they are frustrated in the third year, because it is the third year!
  4. val


    I don't believe that was the case, in fact with lafferty, reports are saying it was a money issue. I'm confident melisanidis will spend when the time is right. This year, perhaps the next will resemble a roller coaster. The main thing is that the young players get the experience ( especially in derbies) and we will find out which guys are worthy to be part of the rebuilding effort.
  5. Petric has looked dead this season. Mantzios quite the opposite and is thriving in a leadership role.
  6. Anybody see the redhead that came on for hungary? Hell of a player that one, who ever he is.
  7. ^^Is he not an upgrade to those guys you mentioned above?
  8. I may have just skipped your post. You make a good point. As i mentioned above samaris and taxi ( like the two twin towers) is asking for trouble. You need someone more mobile. I like fortounis in a deeper role. We saw him against arsenal in this role in which he showed a lot of confidence. I think he is still raw in an advanced role, but he may just find his niche further back. We have been longing for someone that can consistency recycle the ball.
  9. The old brazil or the current brazil? Okay so there is a lot written about tach and samaris. Samaris for me is extremely overrated, does a bit of everything but doesn't necessarily excel at anything. Tachtsidis, i can see the value of having him in the lineup because he can find the players in front of him. Problem is though, that he is extremely slow. Partner him with Samaris, and you are asking for trouble. Hungary's third goal, the opposing player jots between them and leaves them eating his dust.
  10. He is out of form anyway....it was a collective effort that gave us the victory against xanthi and we need to do the same against giannena.
  11. Without messi, barca are not the same.
  12. That 2005 side was nothing special. The defied the odds and had a protagonist in gerrard who showed his resilience time and time again. Made for some fun viewing though, especially the last group game against olympiakos, with gerrard netting the winner right at the end.
  13. Bold move for klopp. I like that he takes on challenges of this nature. Hoping he can pull it off. Liverpool need to rise again.
  14. What a difference not playing in europe makes huh?
  15. Berg is healthy, the problem is that he is out of form. It happens to the better players as well.
  16. Bringing up a few positive results justifies that the league is improving? What about the decline in player quality? Also many of those sides you mention are not the sides they once were. This arsenal is not the arsenal paok beat in 97. This juve is not juve 96. This man u is not fergie's man u. It's worrying that you have been watching for the last 10 years and not realized that the quality has dropped. Tactics have changed in that time, managers with new ideas have come over but neither suggest a change in quality for the better. Player quality is the worst it has been. Like you have mentioned, excellent managers and organization, i will add determination and grit have brought about those results. You even admit that the greek league is 'punching above its weight'. This wasn't always the case in the past. How many times has panathinaikos sent out fantastic sides? In 85, that was a truly gifted side, housing some great individuals. Give me a list of great talents coming through today, and compare them to those of the past. So in excess of 20m from CL alone every season for the last 15 or so years doesn't translate into a solid budget? Okay so you have your expenses, but seriously where is all this money? If the money doesn't go into the side, that is a different issue all together. Okay so arsenal's budget is superior but there is more than enough available to put together a great side every season. Last 16 needs to be the expectation every season, if not because you can come across better sides, then a good showing in the europa cup. The fact that oly haven't done this suggests, failure.
  17. He coached like a frightened kitten against bayern but has redeemed himself with arsenal and now paok. He made some great decisions in the last two games but his best quality so far has been his attitude on the touch line - nothing like that clown pereira. As we have seen in the past, good form translates into confidence which can take you a long way. Oly is playing well at the moment but the hardest thing to maintain is consistency. I don't see a lot of individual quality but this is compensated by a good togetherness. I mentioned after the arsenal game that oly's strengths lie in its halves. They stick like glue, offering protection to the center backs who like we have seen in the past, if left alone, are always prone to conceding. Offcourse a lot of praise goes to silva, not to mention reforming the likes of kasami. Was this guy not close to leaving in the summer? In a week we have seen silva out coach wenger who in turn out coached van gaal. Arsenal showed once again how lethal they can be up front. With a combination of speed and good chemistry they can destroy any defense if they allowed to go to work. This was highlighted in the different approaches silva and van gaal chose for their respective games against them.
  18. How many of us were against this move from the start? We pao fans are way too experienced with signings of this nature. And enough with this bullshit 'oloi sto aerodromio'. Okay i can accept some like rivaldo, but who the hell is essien exactly?
  19. Let's think rationally for a min, How is it that alafouzos can take out a loan from any bank during these tough times? It makes more sense to believe that he has another source. Pateras or perhaps the family? I don't know. Has the family really left? If not then they are still the majority holders are they not? One thing is for sure, the longer this goes on, the more the fans will sway towards tzigger, asking for his return. Because now that people are experiencing what alafouzos reign has to offer, they are willing to go back to the tzigger years.
  20. ^^You said he has killer feet. Mitroglou has a much better touch on the ball, it shouldn't even be up for discussion. Pre injury the guy showed everything. The Scandinavian is a poacher at best, nothing like mitroglou.
  21. My mistake, i meant to say botia Neither are of a galletti, mirallas quality. If oly had galletti, mirallas on the wings and a kovacevic or mitrglou (2013), they would've put another three past them. Arsenal are worryingly thin at the back.
  22. ^^Sure he embarrasses the defender but for the most part he didn't show. If it were not for fortounis with cambiaso and kasami in behind all having great games, the team would've fell apart. Not to mention the fullbacks were discipline. Siovas and da costa had the necessary protection.
  23. Assuming arsenal stay close to the top, they can challenge for the EPL. They are a different side comes March, around this time they become impossible to play against. Even in europe, if they can push to the latter stages they can make some real noise. Can't win it just yet, the UCL is a cruel competition which means you most likely need to lose it before you win it. I agree about walcot for the return, as he becomes even more dangerous with sanchez in the lineup. Regarding sanchez, the guy is unplayable at the moment and works tirelessly. His movement in the final third resembles that of a house fly, not to mention defends as well. Amazing grit and determination. Man i would love a guy like this at pao, at least someone as passionate.
  24. What game where you watching? Pardo yet again looked heavy for the most part. Seba was a non factor. The difference was silva's flexible tactics and his decision to use fortounis. Their ball retention especially in the first, made a world of difference. I liked the decision to use salino at left back, won't help the side going forward but keep things tidy. Very discipline as opposed to masuaku who loves to get forward. I think masuaku can play as a winger.
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