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  1. http://pasiondeportiva.me/live1/pasiondeportiva18.php
  2. Zero IQ from koutro 2 defenders v 1 ref that loves to blow his whistle Meanwhile did that standard player get a yellow for knocking out zeca's tooth? Good thing the break came up, i wouldn't want to play another 10 min after just conceded. We are well organized as expected. Samba and moledo doing a good job. Don't really have the midfield to compete with theirs. Their captian trebel is a fantastic player, exactly what we lack. Leto, ibarbo and lucas (at times) link up play is destroying them. MInd you it is what i always keep saying about the second striker, defenses have no answer. May need another to ice it. They are not going to make it easy.
  3. The gavroi are +2 and they have played a derby and won at panionios We are -2 and have had a easier schedule. This doesn't bode well. Those bastards have their worst roster for some time and yet the confidence from winning the title every year propels them to the top. They always seem to come away with points against teams that the other 3 drop points against.
  4. And every team but one has been cheated at least once
  5. Throwing bottles, can you blame them? Ok so their team has been s%$#! house but they don't deserve to get dicked on calls If this team doesn't leave the league, nothing will change
  6. So he finally decides to send off retso
  7. Showing them too much respect. Will they play this way against us?
  8. Freeze you might just have a point. I was looking at the lineup with risvanis nowhere to be seen, mind you he is yet to miss a game. Was the a red card on the oly player? The panionios faithful are loosing it at the ref. It's obvious what is going on.
  9. I don't remember anyone in here 'laughing at risvanis' Just about everyone rated him except the management at the time. That bum anastasiou....
  10. Not sure how i feel about re-signing koutroubi. Seems to play better with 3 at the back and he is our most able defender with the ball at his feet. Not a great passer though and despite playing well for long periods, he always has the potential to commit some stupid error. Oh and he is not a midfielder... He has played well for the most part, but is he really that important going forward?
  11. ^^Angelopoulos is still with the team?
  12. Let's not go nuts regarding zeca and the Portuguese NT. They have some solid midfielders in that squad and more coming through. Martins is considered surplus over there, comes here and is instantly a star.
  13. Zeca would walk into that team and would be effective if the gameplan is all about grind and chasing the ball. You can't put him next to maniatis and ask them to take control of the game. Anyway, all this talk is nonsense. Zeca's commitments are to the club, i don't want him involved in that circus they got running over there. That goes for lucas as well.
  14. I'll try guess where you are going with this.... Those teams have a lot of the ball. They have ball retainers. They have excellent movers off the ball. Taxi is not really a great mover off the ball and even of he was, he is not going to keep passing triangles with manaitis and co. So this blows your chances of retaining the ball. Next thing you know, you are mostly chasing the ball as is the norm for this group. Now if you are chasing the ball, would you rather have mobile grinders or players with cement shoes? Anyway, we have tried taxi, with no real significant difference in our play. I'm sure managers appreciate him but in the end, they have to get results and historically what has worked has revolved around grit and being sound defensively. As a result they see more value in playing maniatis and other hacks. I know it's disappointing and i love that you appreciate good football but do not hold your breath with this group. And that's placing large emphasis on the group, because the individual creative or gifted player(s) falls victim(s) to others in-capabilities.
  15. Just watched some extended highlights. I can honestly say this team gets worse with every new campaign. So slow, my god and people are asking for tachtsidis....Worse they struggle to perform simple fundamentals. If this coach achieves anything with this group it will mostly be because teams blow just as much. I'm seeing a lot of space in our half, cyprus didn't have the players to exploit us. It could get ugly against belgium unless they shut up shop. I won't even discuss the mitroglou effort...Oh and for those supporting the so called world class CB duo, another great display of positioning and marking...Seriously guys, we all have eyes don't we?
  16. When has maniatis ever owned the midfield? These are not footballers we have. At least at club level you see some foreigners that offer some value.
  17. Maniatis doesn't cut it for them anymore.... They want zeca for the ethiniki No thanks! Only pao matters
  18. ^^And they can distribute the ball. When the opposition sees defenders that can neither control the ball nor pass out of defense, they press them knowing they will win the ball back. But even if you would not bring this into the equation, hummels defends better. Sokratis and manolas struggle with their concentration and sometimes their positioning.
  19. Melli has to realize that you can't work with personalities like dusan. Any other manager would give melli and ultimatum
  20. The problem is melli. Send both dusan and ketsb packing. Bring in someone like sergio markarian that can motivate your group because before any ball was kicked, the players had already believed they would lose. Upon getting the belief levels up, bring in a decent manager and some better players. Patito, simoes, johansen are good players but rid yourselves of these greek paixtakia that will never amount to anything. Learn from pao.
  21. When you say "ask anyone" just this alone deters readers. State you opinion and not what you have read in a paper or website. Your last comment about bayern and hummels gave me a migraine. Like bayern care about what other perceive. They want to win so they go and get the best players. Hummels is the best defender in that league and it's not even close. Not only that unlike sokratis, hummels is also a footballer. What does this mean? Well he has a good first touch and can distribute the ball.
  22. You guys are making fortounis look like rivaldo out there. Iraklis and larissa players must be roiling their eyes. I would smash their heads in. Where are the leaders in this team? All i saw was a bunch of kids looking lost. They have to wake the F*** up, stay in the game and take advantage when oly start to tire. They had the game midweek not you.
  23. Can you not see that your players have lost the psychological battle?
  24. Before you blame the coach, why don't you look at your own players?
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