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  1. Fortounis for sure, but you can never know with the revolving door of managers at that club. Also i didn't realise fountas was at panionios this season, this kid was great for aek a few seasons back and then went missing.
  2. Barca pulled a cavs offseason move, putting three world beaters together. The season is long, which worked in favour of barca as they got better as they reached the climax. When you house suarez-neymar and messi, it's only a matter of time before you start blowing defenses away. Next season they'll be even better as a whole, assuming they keep adding fresh legs in the midfield. Although you have to question their hunger, assuming they just won everything. For juventus, it was a good effort but they showed vulnerability time and time again. Monaco made a strong case for qualification not to mention losing to olympiakos. Overall this competition is becoming tougher and tougher for an outsider and somewhat predictable.
  3. I wouldn't call essien a leader, he won't be the alpha dog cisse was. He is a team player and a very good one at that and will thrive only if utilized well. In short, he will require the right team mates. Even if his salary suggests it, we shouldn't view him as an attacking or creative outlet but if you were to put players of this nature around him, then i think we will see his true quality. A healthy Essien knows his strengths and weakness and what he can bring to a team, the question is whether his manager knows him well enough. Mourinho got the best out of him for this exact reason. Think of essien as a very important piece of a puzzle, but to complete the puzzle you will require upgrades elsewhere. Financially we are not in the position we once were but If we were to sign abeid in the near future, then this signing will make a lot more sense.
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