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  1. playing like gatakia, very disappointing
  2. Panionios will likely get raided again Send boumal back in exchange for their number 10 before the gavroi get their hands on him. It's no secret that they are already eyeing risvanis.
  3. I forgot pique, he is still part of that elite. You can also argue that godin is part of this group as well, simeoni's tactics protect him though.
  4. 1st tier) You are missing varane. He joins that elite group with ramos, hummels, bonucci and chiellini. I would take any of these guys over boateng as he makes silly decisions but he is still part of this group. Thiago silva has regressed, he is no longer part of that elite. 2nd tier)Pepe, barzali, godin, otamendi, bailli, alderwield etc 3rd tier) manolas, sokratis, mangala etc
  5. ^^ It could be that wenger rated mustafi higher If roma's demands were what was been reported then they are ridicules to say the least, especially for manolas. If that's the case, then wenger did the right thing.
  6. This is what i was thinking, Start with a 4-3-2-1, since fortounis, martins and marin will all start. This will allow you to crowd the midfield and protect on the flanks since one of your DM can rush over to help out your fullback. Your 2 CAMs will overwhelm the serb asking their CB to close down. Play a quick striker at all times to exploit botia and da costa's lack of pace Wait until marin and fortounis tire and change to a 4-2-2-2 to go for the kill. Again you overwhelm them in the middle and there CB's can't handle a second striker. You risk it on the flanks but it's not as if they have great fullbacks.If they had mazuaku, elbadellaoui you could never do this.
  7. There is a reason bayern picked up hummels and not sokratis, or why wenger got mustafi instead of manolas and why mourinho picked up bailli Sokratis and manolas are good defenders but they are not first tier talents. Between them, the only thing that's world class is manolas pace
  8. I saw the gavroi play against a fairly crappy apoel side. Man they are a tough watch, even when they are creating chances. In the first they didn't play too bad as long as marin was combining with fortounis. Marin is great signing for them but doesn't have the stamina. Martins looks a decent distributer of the ball. Their only hope is if these three start balling but bento is yet to put them on all at the same time. Seba is a terrible player. If pardo is fit, you don't think twice about replacing him. Their dm/cm were just as bad as previous seasons when they had samaris. Difference is they are missing forward runs from mazuaku and elabdellaoui and offcourse chori who made them tick. Those current fullbacks are not of the same quality, whilst their center backs are laughable. Oh and the turks pulled of a steal with that deal with cardozo.
  9. I saw the second half against iraklis. Some really good ball movement but that end product is not there at the moment. Sometimes when a striker doesn't exert a presence, his teammates don't look for him and attacks seem to lose their purpose. If bento goes a 4-4-2 with cambiasso and that cement shoes serb, he won't be able to contain your midfield. Assuming he comes to his senses and adds a third man in front to give them something in the middle, then they will fair much better. Who that is, i have no idea. In terms of quality, they don't have another player like chori although i don't know what role he has these days. Marin is very talented, but he can't play more than 35-40min. I'll be surprised if they beat APOEL and ill be just as surprised if you guys don't get a result on monday
  10. Observations so far: The first round was a bluff. I lot of these smaller sides are actually good value. Still lacking in quality but man they have players that can run for long periods. I saw panaitolikos, iraklis and larissa. Hard working sides all of them. Whilst paok, aek and pao have all strengthened, there are still major concerns. I liked what i saw from aek, good ball movement just lacking that final ball all too often. Paok i haven't seen but without a decent striker it makes life extremely hard. Then there's Oly look clueless atm. Bento has been around long enough to know that you can't play a heavy target man and a quick but technically inept striker together. They have some better players that didn't feature. Let's hope it takes them a while to sort themselves out. The first european week demonstrated that greece will not be replacing the dutch anytime soon.
  11. worst gavro team i've seen 4-4-2, with the only movement coming from the flanks. Cardoso and the serb resemble foosball players. They desperately need marin and martins to come in
  12. Yep! And managers tend to resemble their playing style....
  13. ^Well said. Footballing IQ is so important and Berg is one of the smartest footballers playing the game and i'm not just talking about greece. Nice thinking triffili, Strama atm is more suited to TD than coach. He has time to learn though. I'm personally waiting for another footballer to hang up his boots so we can snap him up as coach. Can anyone guess?
  14. I don't think anyone doubted samba's fitness. Simply when you have moledo, you need someone to complement him - someone with better touch on the ball and is much quicker. The guy is a monster, doesn't even have to move his neck muscles to generate power but football is played on the ground as well and attackers are going to expose his lack of pace. As for Essien, well he doesn't offer any value now that he no longer run.
  15. Inter have been ill for a while now. Celtic is a joke team with a joke manager and they beat sheva.
  16. We did a lot of defending, kyrastas knew how to play in europe. Very mobile and capable midfielders contributing to multiple phases which meant that we could match it with some of the very best. The previous season, we overwhelmed that brilliant united side for good periods but were not proficient enough to beat them. We also had to dud goalkeepers in chalkias and nikopolidis.
  17. pao and adidas belong together. 1998 and 2001 kits simply brilliant.
  18. ^You didn't understand. All those guys play best when employed centrally. You need someone to stretch the play.
  19. Well the dutch aren’t exactly duds. One of their defenders is playing for Southampton if I am not mistaken. So it was one game, but I believe this can be the norm if he were playing in a better league. Comparing the two, it’s apples and oranges. Berg offers so much more, as he can create and score. When we had karelis in the side, berg had a more creative role. Giroud is limited, often a passenger in arsenal’s attacking build up which is why wenger has used alexis up front. Giroud needs better players around him. In Greece, there is no ozil to feed him balls.
  20. No point calling up ninis and fetfa when you have fortounis and mantalos. Mantalos is not a winger.
  21. If this side can expose you, you can only imagine what will happen against belgium. Sokratis has regressed. This ain't the same guy that was playing at aek. Manolas was never that great to begin with, just recently that porto attacker goes past him untroubled. Our biggest problems though stems from the midfield. Samaris and maniatis are slow as F*** and offer nothing from an attacking perspective. Replace them with two decent mobile midfielders and both sokratis and manolas will fair much better.
  22. All class. Guy has everything. Nuts to think that a club like arsenal have giroud and we have berg.
  23. Well said. Just watching some highlights. Lost count how may times i saw the defense battling on their own. The midfielders simply can't get back in time.
  24. I'm not worried. Boumal is not registered. M'poku will take klonaridis spot, coulibaly instead of nano and samba i would imagine will take reis spot. They want 8 nationally trained, 4 of these club trained. We have four club trained players all registered (kotsolis, staikos, xenopoulos, marinakis (possibly leaving). Nationally trained: evangelou, koutroubis and vlachodimos(not 100%) all registered.
  25. All those guys are paixtakia. They may look good when when surrounded by decent players but when their respective teams are struggling, they can't do much. Just consider fortounis and his current performances. Embarrassing that people in the media actually compare him to legends, mind you i do not expect these people that make these ludicrous statements to have sound football knowledge as the guys that hire them are clueless themselves.
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