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  1. Tiger has not spent a single dime on AEK. He didn't really had to. It will be interesting to see what he does now that they are back in Superleague. I also think that Savvidis will not blow the budget open. There might be a small increase, but nothing major. He just spent 11 mil covering the debt. The thought that Lino might be coming back to PAOK, and that Garcia will probably be the next TD points in that direction.
  2. After today's game, even if it goes to game 7, I believe the Ducks will prevail. The game was lost and by miracle we tied it in the last 2 minutes of the game only to lose on their first shot in the OT. Overall I think they have a better team.
  3. Tziolos and Tzavellas are playing fairly well. It's the xasogoli Mak that is disappointing me.
  4. Nice to see you again Gabriel. Welcome.
  5. Just saw the game. We had couple great chances to score a second goal and win this game, but in extra time Atromitos could have scored as well. If it wasn't for Itandje we would have lost 2:1. 1:1 is not the worst result, but need to win the next two games.
  6. This was the Hawks longest game in history. If we lost yesterday, I could not see us turning things around from a 0:2 deficit. As for the Shaw header, if he did not make such an obvious move to head it in, I can't see how they would not be able to allow it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bisGLo_mFGs[/youtube]
  7. vs MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki - Asteras Tripolis COMPETITION: Superleague ? Playoffs - Round 2 DATE: 24-May-2015 TIME: 18:15 GR (15:15 GMT, 10:15 CDT, 01:15 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Nova Sports (Greece), Sport Plus (USA/Canada) (Greece) P.A.O.K. vs Asteras Tripolis History: 2014-2015: 0:0 - Attendance: no fans 2013-2014: 2:0 (Vitor 2) - Attendance: 13,637 2012-2013: 1:0 (Oliseh) - Attendance: 10,529 (PLAYOFFS) 2012-2013: 2:1 (Lawrence, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 5,601 2011-2012: 2:3 (Athanasiadis, Georgiadis) - Attendance: 6,894 2010-2011: 1:0 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance: 13,585 2009-2010: 1:0 (Koutsianikoulis) - Attendance: 14,128 2008-2009: 1:1 (Anastasakos) - Attendance: 15,892 2007-2008: 0:1 - Attendance: 12,796 GAMES: 9 WINS: 5 TIES: 2 LOSSES: 2
  8. I did not see the game, but from what they said on the radio, the goal was gifted to them by Itandje (an ex-Atromitos player). At least we were able to come back and tie it. It's now important for us to win the next two home games against Tripoli and Panathinaikos if we want to keep any chances of finishing first.
  9. Superleague is the one that should initially investigate such accusations, since it's their own product that is on the line. However since all the decisions are made by Olympiakos with all the satellites, there was no way Superleague would go ahead implicating themselves. The next step should be for EPO to step in and do their own investigation, but we know who controls them, and since UEFA would only step in if EPO asked for it, don't expect anything happening in such cases.
  10. In all seriousness, did you really expected any other outcome in this case?
  11. Veroia was saved from elimination by the Supeleague disciplinary commission. Veroia was implicated in arranging a 3:0 loss to Olympiakos couple years ago. The coach at that time, Kalaitzidis (current Aris coach), Georgeas and Kafes testified that during hal-time the Veroia General Manager told the players that the owner of the team wants the game to end in a 3:0 loss. Well guess what the final score was? Now how you arrange a fix without the other team knowing is beyond me. In any case the Superleague disciplinary commission claims that there was not enough evidence to proceed with the case making everybody happy. Veroia stays in SL, Olympiakos is not implicated, and unfortunately more people will decide not to watch Greek soccer as a result.
  12. 19 players travelled to Athens for the game. No Salpi, Papadopoulos, Konstantinidis, Golasa Possible lineup: ---------------- Itandje ------------------- Skondras - Vitor - Costa - Rat -- Kace --- Tziolis --- Noboa -- -- Pereyra -- Klaus -- Mak -- In my opinion it will be a defensive affair. We will need to contain Napoleoni and be careful with set pieces. If we have any thought of winning this game, the offense needs to pick things up. I predict a 1:0 win with a Klaus goal.
  13. vs MATCHUP: Atromitos Athens - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Superleague ? Playoffs ? Round 1 DATE: 20-May-2015 TIME: 20:30 GR (17:30 GMT, 12:30 CDT, 03:30 AEST next day) CITY / STADIUM: Peristeri - Dimotiko Stadium (Capacity: 9,035) REFEREES: Andreas Pappas (Athens) - Christos Akrivos (Athens), Michail Karsiotis (Corinth) TELEVISION: Nova Sports (Greece), Sport Plus (USA/Canada) Atromitos vs. P.A.O.K. history Superleague 2013-2014: 4:0 - Attendance: 1,640 2013-2014: 1:2 (Salpiggidis, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 2,315 (playoffs) 2013-2014: 1:1 (Tzavellas) - Attendance: 2,894 2012-2013: 2:1 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance: 2,292 (playoffs) 2012-2013: 1:0 - Attendance: 3,910 2011-2012: 1:1 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance: 2,651 (playoffs) 2011-2012: 0:0 - Attendance: 3,274 2010-2011: 2:2 (Lino, El Zhar) - Attendance: no fans 2009-2010: 0:0 - Attendance: 4,020 2008-2009: Atromitos played in lower divisions 2007-2008: 0:0 - Attendance: 2,770 2006-2007: 2:1 (Christodoulopoulos) - Attendance: 1,638 2005-2006: 2:1 (Salpiggidis-p) - Attendance: 2,400 Alpha Ethniki (Professional) 1980-1981: 0:2 (Triantafyllidis, Dimopoulos) - Attendance: ?? Alpha Ethniki (Amateur/Semi-Professional) 1976-1977: 1:6 (Koudas 2, Sarafis 2, Anastasiadis, Kermanidis) - Attendance: ?? (Game played at Leoforos Alexandras) 1975-1976: 0:1 (Apostolidis) - Attendance: ?? 1974-1975: 0:1 (Aslanidis) - Attendance: ?? 1972-1973: 0:2 (Sarafis, Apostolidis) - Attendance: ?? Panhellenic Championship GAMES: 17 WINS: 5 TIES: 6 LOSSES: 6
  14. PAS owner said today Chavez is not going anywhere, since he still has 1 year left. And since they can't get players on transfer, they will keep him for now. Could be a trick to start a bidding war for the player.
  15. The 3-year rule does not apply to Superleague/Football League. It appears that AE Pontion Iraklis has not paid off some of his past players. That's probably why they did not get the license. They can appeal, and I expect them to get the license after the appeal.
  16. Vellidis signed a new deal with Giannina so he is out, but it looks like Chavez is talking with PAOK. Apparently we are also interested in Dimitris Chatziisaias (Defense) and Olivier Boumale (offense) from Panionios according to rumors. As for TD, he is going to be from Spain and will be announced soon. The plans are for him to be with the team at the first playoff game next week.
  17. Michalis Leontiadis. He played in early 90's. Character wise he was the Pablo Garcia of that time.
  18. Yeah that song was hard to listen to. I have to say some of the NT players are still in good shape.
  19. The NT won 3:2. Some of the old-timers (Skatados. Leontiadis, etc) looked like they were in better physical shape than some our current starters.
  20. The PAOK - 2004 NT game is being streamed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Qm6CnLUAU&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Lineups: PAOK:
  21. Big game today in Cleveland. I think we need to steal the game. Otherwise I believe the hated LeBron will prevail.
  22. I believe that too. This is going to be tough series though. I think Crawford will do fine. I am little bit worried about our defense. How much more extra time can Keith, Seabrook, Oduya and Hjalmarsson handle?
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