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  1. Special prosecutor Georgios Andreadis has completed his preliminary hearings concerning the organized crime in Greek football. Accusations against 26 people have been made public. Those involved will have to provide statements concerning their case to the prosecutor. After that the prosecutor will decided if they will be charged. The 26 people involved are:
  2. Can't do that Itale. First of all I can't edit titles on the threads. I think only moderators can do that. Additionaly I did enter the name as "PAOK" but the system changes it to Paok as it does not allow consecutive capital letters.
  3. Blackhell was around until 2010 or so. After that he stopped posting. I thing it probably had to do with the fact that he got married. BTW he used to part of the Greeksoccer.com when it was part of Phantis, but that was long time ago.
  4. I agree that the Wild are better team than Predators. This will not be an easy series. I see this going 7 games. As for the goalie situation I expect Crawford to be the no. 1 until he has a really bad game.
  5. They have not been charged yet. They were just informed that they are under investigation and were called for preliminary hearings. After those hearings the prosecutor will decide if they will be charged.
  6. vs MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki ? Levadeiakos COMPETITION: Superleague ? Round 33 DATE: 03-May-2015 TIME: 19:00 GR (16:00 GMT, 11:00 CDT, 02:00 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Nova Sport (Greece), Sport Plus (USA/Canada) P.A.O.K. vs. Levadeiakos history: Superleague 2013-2014: 3:0 (Katsikas, Tziolis, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 9,020 2012-2013: 1:0 (Lino) - Attendance: 6,045 2011-2012: 3:1 (Athanasiadis 2, Ivic) - Attendance: 9,933 2009-2010: 3:0 (Vieirinha, Filomeno, Koutsianikoulis) - Attendance: 11,934 2008-2009: 3:1 (Muslimovic 2, Bakayoko) - Attendance: 13,973 2007-2008: 1:0 (Lakis) - Attendance: 7,297 Alpha Ethniki (Professional) 2005-2006: 3:1 (Salpiggidis 2, Giasemis) - Attendance: 4,011 1994-1995: 0:0 - Attendance: 9.243 1990-1991: 2:3 (Skartados, Anastasiadis) - Attendance: 3,720 1989-1990: 2:1 (Small 2) - Attendance: 5,100 1988-1989: 2:0 (Mitoglou-p, Fernando ) - Attendance: 4,849 1987-1988: 4:1 (Bannon 3, ?) - Attendance: 10,259 GAMES: 12 WINS: 10 TIES: 1 LOSSES: 1
  7. Now we know who will take the fall for Marinakis. He will be the one that will be made an example just like Psomiadis and Beos did. He will become a mayor of Levadeia and the fat one will walk free.
  8. I think that's correct, although we came close in football back in 1970's.
  9. During a General Assembly of PAE PAOK today, Ivan Savvidis increased the operating budget by 19.5 million Euro. Some of this money will be in a form of a loan from Dimera to PAE PAOK. reports say that eventually the loan will be turned into shares of the team. 11.4 million from this will be used pay off the team's debt to the government. The rest will be used to cover the operating loss for the last season.
  10. The 3rd game of the series is on Wednesday at 20:00 Greek Time. We win and claim the title.
  11. Bring on the Wild. This will be a tough series for the Hawks.
  12. Yianko and mcp4 welcome. Nice to see both of you again. Now if we could only track down Dikefalomania and Blackhell among others.
  13. Possible lineup by Georgiadis according to reports: ------------------------- Itandje ------------------------ Konstantinidis - Costa - Tzavellas - Skondras Golasa -------- Kace --------- Noboa ------- Mak ----------- Klaus -------------- Koulouris -----------
  14. Bajewy, the first time I visited Ziaka in 1984 bunch of us, including my parents made it to the top of Orliakas. We had one of my pappou's brothers to guide us to the top. He knew the mountain and the area like the palm of his hand from his experience fighting the Italians and Germans during WW2 and then again during the civil war. It took us about half a day to reach the top. What a great view of the whole area from the top of the mountain. Speaking of Orliakas, one of of our xorianos and a family member wanted to build an observatory at the top of the mountain. He is a Senior Scientist at the University of Chicago and was part of many NASA missions since the 1960's. His name is Thanasis Economou. You can read more about him here: http://news.uchicago.edu/profile/thanasis-economou and here: http://www.panhellenicscholarships.org/thanasis-economou.php Eventually with cooperation from Greek authorities he got the go ahead to proceed with the project. He succeeded in securing funding from the European Commission for the project, but once it was evident that money would be coming in, the Greek government wanted to take over the project. Since then the project is on hold, and I doubt it will ever get build.
  15. Deja vu going back to game 2 of the series concerning last night's game. In the span of 2 and a half minutes we gave the Preds the win on a silver platter. Defensive lapses and bad penalty sealed the deal. Game 6 of the series now becomes the pivotal game. Hope we can take it and finish the series. If it goes to game 7, anything can happen.
  16. Nice to see you Itale. Hope more old-timers will find us here. I'd like to see Yiankos make an appearance among others.
  17. I have strange feeling we will not win this game. I actually see us losing on Sunday. We shall see.
  18. You would hope we narrowed the technical director search to couple prospects. I also heard a rumor that one of the prospective candidates will be at Toumba for the Giannina game.
  19. The Greek volleyball federation already has us losing the second game on Sunday. Bet you house on a 3:1 Olympiakos victory. :lol: http://www.volleyleague.gr/
  20. Well his two sons are the heads of the Dimera group based in Cyprus. Dimera on paper is the owner of PAE PAOK and it appears that Georgios Savvidis is being groomed by Ivan to take over the team, specially after the team debt is paid off by the end of the month.
  21. Looks like the refs changed their mind and the games will go on. In other Greek soccer corruption news, several people were called by the prosecutor to explain themselves concerning the Olympiakos - Veroia (3:0) game from last season. Allegedly at half-time while the score was 0:0, an unnamed Veroia official came to the Veroia dressing room and told the players that the game has to finish 3:0 in favor of Olympiakos. Of interest is the fact that at half time bets for 3 million Euro were placed for the exact score.
  22. Good start for PAOK in the first game of the finals defeating Olympiakos 3:1 sets.
  23. Kenan Bargan (Veroia) and Silva Cleyton (Xanthi) have been linked to PAOK, with Bargan apparently having a hand shake agreement with PAOK.
  24. Looks like the Greek referees might strike this weekend. They have announced that if the investigations involving refs does not end they will not show up for the games. In other Greek football news, the Greek government is going ahead with new laws concerning football in particular and sports in general. if it is voted in current form, UEFA and FIFA will expel Greek teams from all international competition. Olympiakos is already putting pressure on the parliament not to vote for this law in its current form. Panathinaikos who has been advocating string measures seems to be changing their stance, with Alafouzos saying that he will leave the team if Greek teams are expelled from Europe.
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