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  1. Our left side is tragic. Tzavellas and Kitsiou are s%$#! and Tudor is keeping rat on the bench.
  2. Mak is the biggest xasogolis I have ever seen. The way things are going it's more likely we will lose 3:0 than score a single goal.
  3. We keep missing clear chances. Could have scored 3 goals in 2nd half already.
  4. Tzavellas, Kitsiou need to come out. Rat and Charisis have to come in. Pathetic.
  5. Instead of winning 3:0 we are down 2:0. Our worst player is Tzavellas. Also big mistake playing Kitsiou on the left side. Now we need to score at least one goal.
  6. Unbelievable. 1:0 Lokomotiva after we missed at least 5 clear chances. Defensive mistake by Tzavellas.
  7. Unbelievable. 1:0 Lokomotiva after we missed at least 5 clear chances.
  8. If we don't beat this team, we are in sad shape. We are dominating them.
  9. The bricklayer can go anywhere he wants, just not to PAOK. Average and very selfish player. Also a player that in the past left the team the way he did should not be welcomed back. Enough of these Greek NT players coming to PAOK.
  10. On the bench; Melissas, Rat, Poggouras, Maduro, Charisis, Mystakidis, Korovesis
  11. Don't know if he rates him, but currently he has no other options, with Noboa not being game ready.
  12. Here is the official lineup: ------------------- Olson ---------------- --- Vitor --- Costa ---- Tzavellas --- Skondras - Kace - Tziolis - Kitsiou --- Pelkas ----- Salpi ------- Mak --- Apparently Tudor will start Kitsiou on the left side, but I see him moving to the right with Skondras going left. We'll see during the game.
  13. The draw is set up to mostly benefit the big teams. For example it is set in a way so there is no chance of having one of the so-called "derbies" in the first 4 to 5 rounds. I would not have any problems seeing an Olympiakos - PAO or PAOK- AEK matchups in Round 1 of Superleague.
  14. Goutas signed with Olympiakos, and will promptly be loaned out to one of the satellites. He showed some promise with Xanthi, but going to Olympiakos is a double edged sword. Tomorrow I see this lineup: ----------------- Olson ------------- Skondras - Vitor - Costa - Rat ------- Kace --------- Tziolis ----- Kitsiou ----- Pelkas ------- Mak ------------ Salpiggidis ----------- If Rat is not ready than I see Tzavellas as left back. I don't see Tudor going with 3-5-2 formation in this game. maybe at Toumba depending on the result tomorrow.
  15. You can look at it both ways. If you win most of those games, you are in good shape. If not it's shitty as you say. The main thing is for the team to show up and give their best. If we do that we will be ok.
  16. Last I heard Rajkovic was looking for something in Germany. I am sure if he does not find something by August, he will knock on PAOK's door again.
  17. Draw for the 2015-16 Superleahgue was made today. PAOK Schedule: 1
  18. Well tomorrow is the draw for the next season. Are Panathinaikos, PAOK and AEK still saying they will not take part? I did not think so. Has anyone checked what's under the rug? The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  19. I like the hard line approach by Tudor. Hopefully it will prevent future incidents by other players. I am certain Lucas is doing this in order to get a transfer, but Depor can't afford the price. If he is doing this to get the price down, I hope Arnesen takes a hard stance on this issue. I am surprised that Pereyra is following Lucas on the same path. I wonder if they became buddies after Lucas returned back. He did not seem like a trouble maker last season.
  20. Konstantinidis has been injured since the end of last season. He has only started full practices only few days ago. I like you lineups pash with only one change. I think Charisis should get a start. He has been great so far.
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