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Here's my top 10 basketball teams in the world

1. USA

2. Argentina

3. Spain

4. Lithuania

5. Greece

6. Italy

7. Serbia

8. France

9. Turkey

10. Germany

Greece is better than Lithinuania

The rest looks ok

add Jasikevicius to this team and you'll see the Lietuvosi right behind US & Arg.. ;)
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How many times has Greece beaten Lithuania in there national teams history?

Only once, that does not make Greece a "better" team.

Never mind the past. We are better than them now. If we play LTU 10 times, we will beat them 7 times, with or without Jaskevicius.

As far as USA, their best individuals may not be there, but that doesn't mean their best team is not there. They can make any excuse they want; they used to lose when they sent the college guys, now they are losing with their pros. NBA is a s%$#! league, in my book, all about individual flair and ego, not real B-ball.

I'm glad Hellas won Euro last year vs all those NBA stars (Kirilenko, Parker, Diaw, Nowitzki). We were the only ones with no players actually playing in the NBA (Fotsis was drafted, and now Spanoulis too, but they don't actually play). I'm glad Tsakalidis is not there, we sucked big time in Euro '03 with him at centre. Lazaros is better.

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lithuania u say is better but the only thing that matters is which team won...basketball is about bringing it every game and lithuania couldnt do that, soo, WE are the better team...we win the ones were supposed to and win the close ones , we never give up and we play till the final buzzer..thats a team that can go all the way......

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my top ten for whats its worth and no way in hell is turkey better than us, and i could care less if they win tonight, they still arent at our level..when they win a championship then i will talk to u turk....................

1 Argentina


3 Usa

4 Spain

5 Lithuania

6 France

7 Italy

8 Serbia

9 Germany

10 Turkey

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30-24!! Sofoklis with the dunk and a foul

32-28, Turkey is very tough. <_<

32-33, Turks takes the lead. :tdown:

36-38, trading baskets so far

Second period comes to an end Greece behind 42-37

WAKE UP GREECE!!!! We can't lose to those Mongols!

:gr: :gr: :gr: HELLAS!!!!

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48-44!!!! COME ON GREECE!!!

Steal by Diamanatidis, Greek commentaors describe him as an octopous :LOL:

F*** yeah, 50-44!!!! Pame Ellas!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

Diamanatidis hits the 3!!!! 54-46!!!!!!!!!!!!

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54-47 after 3 quarters

Hellas is smelling the frappe. :LOL:

Greece hits first in the 4th quarter, Fotsis with the shot 57-47


Greece seems to get the game. I was looking at the Turkish squad. Where the hell Ilyasova is? Any idea? He is the most talented player in Tr team. I hate this Yugoslavian coach and his weird decisions.
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