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  1. This is a fantastic letter P_A. Good to set the record straight. Nice to know there are proud Greeks around to defend the honour of our nationality and our country of origin against such viciousness and hatred. This guy should be suspended, and the Yahoo site should do a better job reviewing things before they go to 'press'. But then print news is the same anyway. It's just too out of control, and besides they like to stir up controversy in their reckless, take-no-prisoners fashion. Is this guy American? I'd like him to do a post mortem of the tacky, disgusting, profane 1996 Coca-Cola Olympics. Beijing was cheesy too. The win-at-all-costs attitude was obscene. The 'throw everything you got' opening and closing ceremonies came off as a desperate effort from a country with a big chip on its shoulder. Greece coolly proved all the naysayers wrong with an ironical twist too (the last-second hammering of a nail to really stick it in to the haters). China hosted an Olympics that only China could (and that only China cared to) host. Is there another country in this world as obsessed with their own image and their own self-styled status of heir to the USA as the #1 nation, who would go through as many hoops (at so much inconvenience and torment to their own citizens) to host an Olympic games? China didn't want to merely host the Olympics, they wanted to obscure all previous hosts. This is why China has yet to win hearts and minds as they find their place in the world: they always try too damn hard, when really nobody cares that much...
  2. I watched the 4x100 relay yesterday when the American team dropped the baton. What a heartbreaker, man! I believe it was a semi-final, so not the medal heat, but just as devastating I bet. NBC interviewed Tyson Gay after that, the guy was barely catching his breath at the time. Guys, honestly, ton lypithika. Seems like such a nice chap and it looked like it was all he could do to keep from crying on national television. He answered all the inane questions from the reporter like a good sport, but you could tell the guy wanted to be anywhere but there at that moment. I rarely root for the US track stars, especially when Canada is in the running, but if this guy has any other events coming up, he's my man. I'm telling you, it was a sad sight, nothing seems to be going his way these Olympics. And he showed heaps of class by not ducking the cameras and tough questions.
  3. Hockey: Montreal Forum Molson Centre, Montreal Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton United Center, Chicago HSBC Arena, Buffalo Baseball: Olympic Stadium, Montreal Jarry Park, Montreal SkyDome, Toronto Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia Canadian Football: Molson Stadium, Montreal Football: Olympic Stadium, Athens Bergara (B division), País vasco, Spain
  4. Good question. Maybe they'll be there again tomorrow.I hope so, you need to have a complete podium, not to mention the galanolefki above the stars and stripes.
  5. One USA reporter (I believe it was one of those SI luminaries) was annoyed that the Greek reporters cheered so loudly and jumped up and down. 'Objective journalism at its best', he noted sarcastically. He also commented that the reporters kissed the Greek players, and he took the trouble to specify in parentheses 'on the cheek'. :rolleyes: Another SI guy to his credit, suggested that NBA boss David Stern stop calling the league champs 'world champs'. Good point!
  6. USA trounced Argentina for the bronze. The same Argentina that gave Spain massive headaches with Gasol. In a word, the Spaniards will be sporting silver mañana.
  7. I meant GS not you, cause he called him 'the worst player on the Greek side'.Anyway, it's in the past. Don't wanna rehash it. Bosh got beaten up pretty bad. That guy is a weakling. Not sure why coach K benched Howard in the 2nd half, he was awesome early on.
  8. That's good we actually beat them as recently as 05. They lost a heartbreaker to Germany in last year's Euro semis, and everybody knows what we did to Germany. But I guess it doesn't always work that way. I still think we'll win, something like 86-77, Gasol or no Gasol.
  9. O coldylan telika einai poly entaxi atomo! You're right, though. Galata thanx for the support, it's never too late to get it. Good luck vs. les Bleus! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  10. Hey Galata, I think you owe our big man Sofo an apology!
  11. Papaloukas with a tournament-high 12(!!!!!) assists in this historic win. I just read that we scored on our first 13 possessions in the second half! Has anybody heard of this ever happening before? (I mean besides Harlem Globetrotters games!) :LOL: :gr:
  12. Dude, no offense but the Gold Cup is not even remotely close to the Euro.But anyway, are they going nuts in Mtl? Must be awesome! Skepsou ti trela ginetai stin Patrida! I would agree with the Star reporter who said it wasn't that big of an upset; we are an amazing team, the best Greek team ever, at least one level ahead of the Galis-Giannakis glory days. No team has this depth, at any level in any league. Did you see the damage guys like Dikoudis and Tsartsaris did off the bench? We hit the pedal and never let up. Down 12 in the 2nd (33-21) we took the proverbial voidi by the kerata and turned things around faster than you can say Schortsianitis (or 'Shorts-an-aitis' as the USA announcers called him, like it's some disorder or something). In case anybody failed to notice, we had ourselves a 31-pt quarter there against one of the most highly-touted teams no less. Spanoulis was gold; how about draining those two series of three free throws after the m#$%! Hinrich fouled him beyond the arc. The Yank announcers kept saying you don't foul a bad shooter, then Spanoulis put on a clinic firing treys from everywhere. Bad shooter, yeah right! The excuses began towards the end of the game, of the type 'you can't expect a coach to developk any sort of cohesiveness after only three weeks prep time'. Excuse me, how come nobody was talking like that when the multi-millionaires were thrashing all their opponents, including the Aussies by 40 in their first knockout game? Sofo was gold, too. He missed a dunk when we were down 12 and I thought if we're not even getting the freebies, we're cooked. Then you got those two pts right back and then some, and we kept stopping the Yanks. Unreal! I'm still in shock. We made history. I know it's not the biggest upset, but it still feels like a dream to beat such a stacked USA team. This was no Reggie-Miller-past-his-prime-in-2002-worlds, or Boozer-Iverson-other-avergae-players 2004 Olympic meltdown. This was a very talented and athletic US team. This team might have beaten the dream teams of old. LeBron is a beast, Anthony is a pure shooter, Wade does everything (as he proved winning the NBA title and MVP honours), and they're all so fast. But we beat them. We may not have any big names (we have plenty long names, as the US press repeated over and over), but we are a brilliant team. Very few mistakes. Very few offfensive boards, sure, but that's because we were draining everything on the first try. Comment about Gasol: I hope he's as healthy as can be; I wanna beat them at their best! ELLADARA OMADARA! SIKOSE TO!
  13. NBA TV, Raptor TV, whatever you wanna call it, is pretty useless for TV skeds. Anybody know if they are playing the taped Greece-USA game at 9am tomorrow? Please.
  14. I thought NBA TV would play all quarter games live, but the site shows TBA. I'm streaming mediazone, here in Canada, they will have it live, and I will sacrifice some sleep in order not to have somebody spoil the result for me, or suffer the entire day wondering what happened. 3:30 am, I'm there! If the picture quality is anything like the Tony Parker interview, I'll be very happy, that was crystal clear. Semis vs. USA will be at 6:30am Friday.
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