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  1. The best players are the Americans and we kicked their asses. Not one current Greek in the NBA. We play as a team one more game, and no chance for the Spainards. I am watching the USA game for the 3rd time today and it is getting better and better.
  2. Should be 5:30 am Saturday, Americans playing for the bronze. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Sunday 5:30 am, we take the World Title> :tup: :tup:
  3. For those of you that missed it, ERT Sat in showing the replay at 12:00 EDT today.
  4. As much as we like to complain about our local teams, our National teams have given us a lot of joy the last 3 summers. 2004 Euro Champs! 2005 Euro Champs! 2006 World Champions?
  5. Euro 2004 Champions :tup: :tup: Euro 2005 Champions Fiba World 2006 Champions?
  6. I need to go to work, but this is a good game. Playing for the top stop and the bragging rights has made it very good.
  7. Play awful and win, play great and win. I don't care either. Just win.
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