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Turkey played well, I dont want to take away from a great performance, but Germany was the better team 2nd half, and even if Rustu didnt make his blunder, I think its not ridiuclous to say Germany would still find the 2-1.....They have very diverse attacking options, attack, counter, set peice, free gifts :P

diverse options on attack?! by germans?! :o :o

except the opening Poland game, Germany always scored either from a set piece (GK blunders) or from overlaps into the box by the opposite wingers (see S'Steiger goal vs Portugal or Podolski goal vs Turkey)...

if this is diversity, then i don't wanna say a word! <_<

and it would not be ridiculous perhaps but highly unlikely that Germans would score a goal in the 2nd half if it wasn't for Ruştu.. I gotta say one thing though; they picked themselves up superbly after Şenturk's goal..

it's not many times we've agreed --because of opinions, nothing else ;) -- but I do agree with dude here.. wtf are you talking about man?! Turkey dominated the game and were penalised for poor finishing & lethal mistakes at the back.. a turkish team having Servet at the back, Nihat up front and Arda down the left would have been a gangrapin'... (we'll see another one on June 29 anyway :D if that idiot Aragones goes out with 4-5-1 after Villa's injury.. if he puts in the chump Guiza and plays 4-4-2 we can have an even game...)

yeah but not only their goals, their chances are made in different ways, and all players involved in the attack having good chances...We are seeing Germany making good chances chances come from defenders, wingers, strikers, crosses, set peices, holding midfielders even. Thats diverse. Hitzelsperger has looked dangerous vs Turkey, and in the set peices, Germany are the best team...I dont see how thats bad, they are finishing goals from more than just set pecies too, and making chances from more than just set peices.

2nd half Turkey didnt do anything....and lol Im saying this because I finally got to see it all on tape delay once the game was over...its true.

Turkey missed some first half chances, but second half they were not playing the same at all, Germany was dominating, getting the better chances, and better half chances. I think your forgetting 2nd half they had 2 shots..and some other "shots" from Sabri from the corner flag and a altintop free kick (way out)....I went back and checked the highlights.

Germany wouldnt have scored??? Come on man......They DID score again anyways, and they had been pressing for that goal all half. Not to mention, Germany should have won that penalty, which is the worst call of the entire tournament penalty wise, I dont know how you could mistake it for anything else....So Id say Germany were very UNlucky there.

up till Klose goal Turkey had one opportunity (1 shotl) that whole 2nd half which was a Boral shot right at Lehman, I will not count Sabri's cross-shot from the sideeline..Germany was getting more of the ball in the opposite area, more crosses in, Hitzelsperger finding a few shots from right on the edge of the area one which was very close... 2nd half Germany was the much more dangerous team man...Turkey did not look like scoring 2nd half. Thats just how it was....

Turkey had poor finishing first half, 2nd half there was nothing to finish. and Turkey's momentum "shock" lasted only 1 half...You cant say Turkey werent lucky on the goal they did score either....they had a post they should have scored, but then got lucky on the 1-0 as the ball disapeared rolled off the crossbar and Lehman didnt know where it was only to have a shot bounce off the inside of his legs....For bad lucky, you got good luck too.....Just like Germany didnt get there penalty, they got lucky with Rustu.....

I dont beleive Turkey would have won with a first team. They wouldnt have the shock value they had like in first half as underdogs...Also what are the chances Tuncay goes out there vs Ballack, Hitzelsperger/Frings and has a shitter? Very good chance of that.

Servet is good, but wouldnt make the difference. We saw the game change a lot in the midfield once Frings came on too..If he had been fit enough for 90 mins... then everything is a hypothetical what if.... I have faith Germany would still find the goals.

This team has scored 6 in the last 2 games, they have scored against every team they came across...This team can find goals man. And besides, I think Turkey played Portugal with their first team......and so did Germany

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Turkey 1-1 Belgium

31' Sonck

74' Emre Belezoglu (Pen.)

As you see again Turkey Dissapointed. Its not suprise for me Turkey couldnt win Actually i have never been sure Turkey will win for any match except San Marino and Lihtestayn. Also i have to tell you i m 26 and i remember Turkey drawed with San Marino 1-1 maybe i was 8-9 years old.

Turkey worked too much after the Belgium high ball organisation goal at 31' but Belgium closed successfully...Turkey could find only 1 goal.The biggest handicap for Turkey Tuncay injured and he was out of the game at 13' he was playing very well untill he was outside..

Other results of Group;

Bosnia Beated Estonia 7-0

Spain Beated Armenia 4-0

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Turkey 2-1 Bosnia Herzegova

Dzeko 26'

Sabri 51' (actually, Bosnia scored themself)

Mevlut Erdinc 66'

The goal was copy paste of Belgium' goal last match it was the first attack of Bosnia. After 0-1 Turkey got shock and Bosnia missed goal positions.

Second half Turkey started very well and found a goal the panic step was for Bosnia and Turkey found second goal...

The game for Turkey maybe 21 minutes other period Turkey was again very bad...Ok many footballers were missed the game but Turkey was playing very amateur or i wait more than capacity of Turkey.

''Maganda Terim'' started with an 17 years old child ''Batuhan'' at the forward :blink: but i have to say i have never seen more lucky Coach he got injured at the first half and team started to play better.

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Estonia 0:0 Turkey

Offf!!! Off!!!

When "Nihat-Tuncay" will recover? Halil and Mevlut are not our forwards...

Why "Maganda Terim" doesnt call 'Fatih Tekke' from Zenit or 'Mehmet Yildiz' from Sivasspor. I got bored to watch his effort to seen as a 'Phenomenon'

Summurise of the Match: Turkey' power couldnt be enough to score any goal

I really wonder when i ll say for Turkey im Sure we ll win :angry:

A detail for last 1 year ( start with Norway match 1-2 ) in 7 matches turkey had comebacks 4 matches they won 3 mathes was draw...

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Frendly Game (19.11.2008)















Gokhan Gonul

Ceyhun Gulselam

Gokhan Zan

Hakan Balta


Mehmet Aurelio

Tuncay Şanlı

Selcuk Şahin

Halil Altıntop

Mehmet Yıldız








Manuel Grafe (Almanya)

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Spain games are coming closer and we've got our fair share of injuries... I think we'll be in trouble, in particular in Madrid... just look at the unavailables list...

Mehmet Topal - out for 2 months, dislocated calf

Servet Cetin - out for the rest of the season, broken foot

Hamit Altintop - out for 1 - 1,5 months, thigh overload

Emre Gungor - out for 1 month - slightly damaged kneecap

Gokhan Zan - out for 1 month - broken glass somewhere in his body :LOL:

Nihat - still in recovery and not at his best since coming back

Maybe Fatih Terim will call Lincoln to the NT, who knows ?? :LOL:

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Terim Era Has Finished;

Turkish Naitonal Team Coach Fatih Terim resigned after Turkey lost to Belgium, He left the Team after last match to Armenia. As you know Turkey out of Wrold Cup 2010 after terrible performance at the Group Matches...

I can't say how i'm happy for this resign

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The Turkish National Squad for Matches vs Germany and Azerbaijan...

Head Coach: Guus HIDDINK

Asst. Coach: Oğuz CETIN

Coach: Pierre Van HOOIJDONK

Gk. Coach: Engin IPEKOĞLU

Coordinator: Okan BURUK

1. VOLKAN Demirel, GK, Fenerbahce

12. TOLGA Zengin, GK, Trabzonspor

38. SINAN Bolat, GK, Standard Liege

7. GOKHAN Gonul, RWB, Fenerbahce

25. SABRI Sarıoğlu, RWB, Galatasaray

30. SERKAN Balcı, RWB, Trabzonspor

3. HAKAN Balta, LB, Galatasaray

13. ISMAIL Koybaşı, LWB, Beşiktaş

2. SERVET Cetin, CB, Galatasaray

4. Omer TOPRAK, CB, Leverkusen :nw:

16. EGEMEN Korkmaz, CB, Beşiktaş

6. GOKHAN Zan, CB, Galatasaray :xxx:

21. GIRAY Kacar, CB, Trabzonspor :xxx:

14. ARDA Turan, LWM, Atletico Madrid

20. Gokhan TORE, LWM, Hamburger SV

22. Hamit ALTINTOP, CM, Real Madrid

8. SELCUK Inan, CM, Galatasaray

10. Mehmet EKICI, CM, SV Werder Bremen

5. EMRE Belozoğlu, DCM, Fenerbahce :angry:

19. SELCUK Sahin, DCM, Fenerbahce :xxx: :xxx: :xxx:

15. Mehmet TOPAL, DCM, Valencia CF :tup:

35. YEKTA Kurtuluş, DCM, Galatasaray

11. Tunay TORUN, CM, Hertha BSC :tup:

24. Mehmet AURELIO, CM, Beşiktaş

17. BURAK Yılmaz, ST, Trabzonspor

9. UMUT Bulut, ST, Toulouse

23. MEVLUT Erdinc, ST, Paris SG

18. KAZIM Kazım, SS, Galatasaray

Hiddink seems adamant on his 4-2-3-1 with Burak Yılmaz playing as the lone striker.

The formation seems to be OK playing good teams away (draws v Belgium and Austria), however at home against weaker sides it becomes problematic. I fear the Azeri game more than the German game, to be honest.

Joachim Loew may try new names vs Turkey and Belgium, so the match against Germany must be won not to risk second place to Belgium who are two points behind and will play Germany three days after us.

The expected line-up vs Germany is;


---Gokhan Gonul-------Servet---------Toprak-----------Hakan----------


-------------------------------Mehmet Ekici---------------------------------

-----Kazım Kazım--------------------------------------------Arda----------


Selcuk Inan will be serving a suspension vs Germany so is unavailable. The line-up can change according to the fitness levels of Gonul, Servet and Emre. Sabri may play at the RB, while Gokhan Zan or Egemen can play as the CB. Omer Toprak is almost certain to start, after declaring he will play for Turkey. The replacement for Emre may be a last-minute decision as Valencia's Topal, Beşiktaş's Aurelio, Hiddink's favourite Selcuk Sahin :xxx: and Galatasaray's Yekta can all get the nod.

Fingers crossed Mr Hiddink.. ;)

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Turkey squad for games vs Croatia on 11 - 15 Nov, 2011...

1 Volkan DEMIREL, Fenerbahce, GK

12 Tolga ZENGIN, Trabzonspor, GK

23 Sinan BOLAT, Standard Liege, GK

7 Gokhan GONUL, Fenerbahce, RWB

22 Sabri SARIOĞLU, Galatasaray, RWB

2 Servet CETIN, Galatasaray, CB

6 Omer TOPRAK, Leverkusen, CB

16 Egemen KORKMAZ, Beşiktaş, CB

4 Giray KACAR, Trabzonspor, CB

3 Hakan BALTA, Galatasaray, LB

13 Ismail KOYBAŞI, Beşiktaş, LWB

10 Hamit ALTINTOP, Real Madrid CF, CM

20 Gokhan TORE, HSV, RWM

19 Selcuk ŞAHIN, Fenerbahce, CDM

15 Mehmet TOPAL, Valencia CF, CDM

5 Emre BELOZOĞLU, Fenerbahce, CM

8 Selcuk INAN, Galatasaray, CM

24 Caner ERKIN, Fenerbahce, LWM

14 Arda TURAN, Atletico Madrid, LWM

21 Ozan IPEK, Bursaspor, LWM

17 Burak YILMAZ, Trabzonspor, ST

18 Kazım KAZIM, Galatasaray, RWM, ST

9 Umut BULUT, Toulouse FC, ST

11 Halil ALTINTOP, Trabzonspor, ST

Gokhan Zan (Galatasaray, CB) and Yekta Kurtuluş (Galatasaray, CDM) have not been called up because of their long-term injuries. Tunay Torun (Herhtha BSC, CM) and Mehmet Ekici (SV Werder Bremen, CAM) have not been called up on selection. Nuri Şahin (Real Madrid CD, CAM) has not been called up, as well. Hiddink stated it was because of the player's just-passed injury. But both Mourinho and the player himself said he was in a 100 % condition.

Hiddink is expected to continue with his 4-2-3-1 that he trusted in the Group Stage.

In-form players Egemen and Mehmet Topal are expected to replace Servet and Emre ant CB and MC positions respectively. Free-scoring Burak Yılmaz will be the striker and Arda Turan and Kazım Kazım are the expected wingers to start.

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Ok.. Forget about the EURO.. Think of the future.. Fast!!

Who to get rid of

Our swearing goalkeeper VOLKAN :xxx: :xxx:

Our swearing captain EMRE :xxx:

Usually injured SERVET, GOKHAN ZAN <_<

Good at Fener, Bad at NT, GOKHAN GONUL :tdown:

Slow as a tank, HAKAN BALTA :tdown:

Useless all the time, SELCUK ŞAHIN :angry:

Coach us from Holland, MR HIDDINK :angry: :angry:

Who to warn

ARDA TURAN, who became utterly complacent of the NTsince joining Atletico

GIRAY KACAR, who thinks he is Gerard Pique

VOLKAN ŞEN, SERCAN, OZAN IPEK, to pick their game up to th 2009 level

Who to put the team around

NURI ŞAHIN, who will become an integral part of Real Madrid squad in 3 weeks

SELCUK INAN, our only gifted midfield passer in this generation

MEHMET TOPAL, Valencia regular, solid DMC, Chelsea's after him for a reason

OMER TOPRAK, Leverkusen centre-half who only seems to improve

GOKHAN TORE, HSV winger who has Chelsea youth education and who is only 19!!

SINAN BOLAT, the ever-consistent Standard Liege goalie

ABDULLAH AVCI, who was the U17 & U19 NT coach in 2004, in other words the coach who worked with Arda, Selcuk and Volkan Şen when they were youngsters

-------------------------------- SINAN BOLAT (Standard) -------------------------------

- SABRI (G Saray) - OMER (L'Kusen) - EGEMEN (Beşiktaş) - OZGUR CEK (A Gucu)

------------------ M TOPAL (Valencia) ------- NURI (R Madrid) ------------------------

-------------------------------- SELCUK INAN (G Saray) --------------------------------

---- GOKHAN TORE (HSV) --- BURAK (Trabzonspor) -------- ARDA (Atletico) -------

Subs & NT Pool: TOLGA (Trabzonspor) GK, CENK GONEN (Beşiktaş) GK, KAZIM KAZIM (G Saray) WF, HAMIT ALTINTOP (R Madrid) CM, NECIP UYSAL (Beşiktaş) CM, GIRAY KACAR (Trabzonspor) DC, ALPER POTUK (Eskişehirspor) AMC, ISMAIL KOYBAŞI (Beşiktaş) DL, ORHAN GULLE (G Antepspor) CM, M PEKTEMEK (Beşiktaş) ST, HURŞUT MERIC (G Birligi) WF, SERKAN BALCI (Trabzonspor) DR, HALIL ALTINTOP (Trabzonspor) ST, UMUT BULUT (Toulouse) ST, GOKDENIZ KARADENIZ (Rubin Kazan), AMC, VOLKAN ŞEN (Trabzonspor) WF, SERCAN YILDIRIM (G Saray) WF, OZAN IPEK (Bursaspor), M LC...

It looks better than the current team, ain't it??!!

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