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  1. Parakalo Irlandos! Trabzonspor interested on Gekas but Akhisar doesn't want to let him to go easly, asking a serious fee. Last offer from Trabzon was 3 milion to 1 year including the fee, they told to Gekas you solve your fee problem, we have 3 Milion Euro budget for one year to spend on this transfer. As Gekas is 33 Trabzon doesn't want to spend too much money on his fee... Last news about it was on 4th of June it was; Trabzonspor offered slovak player ''Sapara + money'' to Akhisar but it seems that Akhisar didn't accept it. Considering Trabzonspor is not very good economically
  2. Here below the translation, it is basic but leaves a smile in our face. Meanwhile music is stolen from an old Turkish pop music song,,, Greek scorer Theofanis scores in every match, This guy don't look like other this man is different, Gekas play with us forever, Akhisar will stay in league with his goals, Not Zeus not Perseus real God is this man, We want your goals every week with enenthusiasms Not Zeus, Not Perseus real God is this man Not Sow (Mousa Sow from Fenerbahce), Not Burak Yilmaz (Galatasaray) Theofanis Gekas!!! Lay, lay lay.... Theofanis Gekas!!!
  3. He acted like superman infact. :tup:He is choosen ''best footballer who makes difference'' in super league.
  4. 2 Videos from Akhisar Fans:) before last matches Akhisar is 2 points ahead from the relegation zone and last match will be with Orduspor which is already relegated. Congratulations to Akhisar they made a great performance in second half and Gekas was the leader of the team... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=153062218210090&set=vb.221494721218732&type=2&theater
  5. Gekas passed empty this week. However it is so clear after Gekas joined Akhisar they started to hold the league more. I see he will play at least 1 goal average per match. Meanwhile, Drogba is Drogba even he is 34... http://www.acunn.com/video/mac-ozetleri/akhisar-bldspor1-galatasaray2/370
  6. Gekas is a perfect finisher. I will follow with wonder, if he can save Akhisar, or not. Meahwhile I was listening the TV criticts and they critisize ''Besiktas'' not to transfer Gekas who can solve scoring problem as an economical transfer instead of Denthino or Niang.On the other hand I have learned that many quality team in Turkish league offered the Gekas such as Kayserispor, Sivasspor, Orduspor however also Levante offered to Gekas and he wanted to play one step better team by going to Levante after he couldn't find change Akhisar made a good offer as the last chance investment. I wonder
  7. Akhisar needs ''Superman'' not to relegated next year. Even Gekas can't save them.
  8. As addition to Wesley Schneider, Galatasaray finished the transfer of legend forward Didier Drogba form Shangai Shenua (China). As you know Drogba was the key player last year in Chelsea while they were wining the Champions League. He is choosen best player of the final match aganist to Bayern Munchen by FIFA. Great and unbleivable transfer by our great major Unal Aysal. He really going on the way to make Galatasaray in best 5 teams in Europe like how we were in 2000. with last transfers we have really quality foreigner players; Fernando Muslera, (Uruguay NT Goal Keeper, in best 5 GK list a
  9. Welsey Sjneider is in Galatasaray. 28 years old Dutch Captain signed 3,5 years contract with Galatasaray by rejecting many other famous team. Sjneider will play in CL last 16 mathes with GS. 20.000 galatasaray funs welcomed him in Airport, Sjneider said that he came to Galatasaray to be legend what Georghi Hagi.
  10. Gekas signed for Akhisar Belediyespor which is weakest team of the Turkish Super League for this year. Again Gekas and Again the team biggest candidate to be delegated. Now I am sure that Gekas wants to earn money and instead of to play in a difficult league as a step player he prefer to be best player of a team even it is wekaest team of the Turkish League. Meanwhile some other clubs from Turkish League are offered to Gekas but probably with lower price. He chose Akhisar, which is a municipablity of Manisa City. It was suprise last year they qualified to Super Leage first time in their histo
  11. I was at the match, watched it with gate 13. Good atmosphere but very small, except gate 13 other sides don't give any voice.
  12. Fenerbahce had a perfect welcome by AEL and Cyprus. Hope to see the second round as the same in Kadikoy. Nothing to talk about football, it was a boring match, Fenerbahce kept the match with its experience.
  13. Gekas left Samsun and he got emotional moments. Couldn't keep his tears and he told that he spend a unbeleivable 3 monthes with full love and attention by Samsun people. It was the first time he saw a love to a foreigner in his life. Gekas went to Greece due to his injury and he will not able to play last 3 mathes, however he told that he will come and support Samsunspor in standium. Samsun has very very little change not to relegated they have to win last 3 matched while all competitors has to loose last 3 matches. Samsun payed to Gekas 650K per for half season. In press it is declarated th
  14. A bad goodbye by Oly. I know Metalisk from the matches aganist to Istanbul Teams before, they eleminated Besiktas and won to Galatasaray before in UEFA cup. They are an unexperienced but very dangerous team. This kind of teams from Ukrain, Russia and East Europe always dangerous and needs to be taken really serious.
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