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  1. Parakalo Irlandos! Trabzonspor interested on Gekas but Akhisar doesn't want to let him to go easly, asking a serious fee. Last offer from Trabzon was 3 milion to 1 year including the fee, they told to Gekas you solve your fee problem, we have 3 Milion Euro budget for one year to spend on this transfer. As Gekas is 33 Trabzon doesn't want to spend too much money on his fee... Last news about it was on 4th of June it was; Trabzonspor offered slovak player ''Sapara + money'' to Akhisar but it seems that Akhisar didn't accept it. Considering Trabzonspor is not very good economically this year and they agreed with Turkish forward Batuhan Karadeniz today, it is difficult that Trabzonspor can handle his fee. As we read from press Gekas already gave a speech that ''he is ready to go Trabzon if clubs can agree on it''
  2. Here below the translation, it is basic but leaves a smile in our face. Meanwhile music is stolen from an old Turkish pop music song,,, Greek scorer Theofanis scores in every match, This guy don't look like other this man is different, Gekas play with us forever, Akhisar will stay in league with his goals, Not Zeus not Perseus real God is this man, We want your goals every week with enenthusiasms Not Zeus, Not Perseus real God is this man Not Sow (Mousa Sow from Fenerbahce), Not Burak Yilmaz (Galatasaray) Theofanis Gekas!!! Lay, lay lay.... Theofanis Gekas!!!
  3. He acted like superman infact. :tup:He is choosen ''best footballer who makes difference'' in super league.
  4. 2 Videos from Akhisar Fans:) before last matches Akhisar is 2 points ahead from the relegation zone and last match will be with Orduspor which is already relegated. Congratulations to Akhisar they made a great performance in second half and Gekas was the leader of the team... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=153062218210090&set=vb.221494721218732&type=2&theater
  5. Gekas passed empty this week. However it is so clear after Gekas joined Akhisar they started to hold the league more. I see he will play at least 1 goal average per match. Meanwhile, Drogba is Drogba even he is 34... http://www.acunn.com/video/mac-ozetleri/akhisar-bldspor1-galatasaray2/370
  6. Gekas is a perfect finisher. I will follow with wonder, if he can save Akhisar, or not. Meahwhile I was listening the TV criticts and they critisize ''Besiktas'' not to transfer Gekas who can solve scoring problem as an economical transfer instead of Denthino or Niang.On the other hand I have learned that many quality team in Turkish league offered the Gekas such as Kayserispor, Sivasspor, Orduspor however also Levante offered to Gekas and he wanted to play one step better team by going to Levante after he couldn't find change Akhisar made a good offer as the last chance investment. I wonder Gekas is a very good finisher or Turkish Leaue is not so quality? We couldn't see Gekas in a serious team, he played in Samsun which was at the last and this year in also Akhisar at the last. These teams built their games over Gekas all balls finish in Gekas and sure Gekas is a perfect finisher. Otherwise in these league Anelka, Carew, Ortega, Quaresma, Elano, Guiza are sent to be unproductive. To say ''league is not quality, Gekas is average'' is not fair...
  7. Akhisar needs ''Superman'' not to relegated next year. Even Gekas can't save them.
  8. Gekas signed for Akhisar Belediyespor which is weakest team of the Turkish Super League for this year. Again Gekas and Again the team biggest candidate to be delegated. Now I am sure that Gekas wants to earn money and instead of to play in a difficult league as a step player he prefer to be best player of a team even it is wekaest team of the Turkish League. Meanwhile some other clubs from Turkish League are offered to Gekas but probably with lower price. He chose Akhisar, which is a municipablity of Manisa City. It was suprise last year they qualified to Super Leage first time in their history with the support of famous ''kofte'' restoraunt chains ''Akhisar Ramiz Kofte'' http://www.fanatik.com.tr/iste-son-akigo-g..._403_293028.htm
  9. Gekas left Samsun and he got emotional moments. Couldn't keep his tears and he told that he spend a unbeleivable 3 monthes with full love and attention by Samsun people. It was the first time he saw a love to a foreigner in his life. Gekas went to Greece due to his injury and he will not able to play last 3 mathes, however he told that he will come and support Samsunspor in standium. Samsun has very very little change not to relegated they have to win last 3 matched while all competitors has to loose last 3 matches. Samsun payed to Gekas 650K per for half season. In press it is declarated that Kayserispor is interested with Gekas for next season seriously. http://spor.milliyet.com.tr/gekas-gozyasla...947/default.htm
  10. A cheap Red Card for Gekas, he also got very angry to decision. Samsun is going on well to stay in Superleague, Ankaragucu already relegated due to management problems, however Karabukspor also won aganist to Fenerbahce today... Ranking is in below link. Turkish Super League Ranking
  11. Had he moved to one of the big 4 in Turkey (Trabzonspor being the other) I wouldn't say it was a stupid move. But to move to Samsunspor in the hope that he gets a move to one of the big 4 is dumb. He was wanted by Glasgow Rangers, Everton were rumoured to have been interested. Olympiakos have been admirers for a while. So moving to Samsunspor isn't grat. As you say the Greek league and the Turkish league are similar, so it would be the equivalent of him moving to Levadiakos in Greece. That would be a dumb move too.So, if they were offering the same money it is strange... You are right.However i find it a marginal decision not a dumb move because he is not too young so we can't say, he damaged his career. On the otherhand you can't compare the atmosphere between Samsun and Levadiakos, maybe the football quality is not much different but Samsun is a football city with 1.250.000 population. I am sure he doesn't pay for anything that nobady take money from him because he scored 3 to Fenerbahce :LOL: As far as i understand from interview he came to Samsun for half season because he even stay at hotel didn't want a house from managers. So maybe he has some other plans and didn't wanted to sign a long term contract with Glascow or another bigger team.
  12. Full interview, he talked about everything, Very nice interview... http://turkiye-basin-haber-gunluk.blogspot...syan-yunan.html
  13. His name would have been Gekidis if that were the case :P I don't know his surname but i found an article in Turkish very interesting, I ll translate some parts for you...The first Greek who carry Ataturk over his heart... The Grrek Footballer become all hope for Samsun City to stay in Turkish Super League and he is the first Greek footballer who carry Ataturk emblem over his jersey as City symbol.* (Samsun is the city where Kemal Ataturk started to resist aganist to occupation of Anatolia and aganist to Ottoman government so the emblem of city is Ataturk riding a horse reared up) When the journalist ask about the above issue he always avoid to answer this question, when they insist he prefer to say he is not good on historical issues. Also Samsunspor managers cut the chat by telling that they and Gekas decided not to comment on this kind of question to block the misunderstanding and not to heart 2 commmunity they focused on football... ''As many Greeks related with Anatolia and Turkey he doesn't have any root from Anatolia'' He was a worker child from Larissa and had a difficult chilhood. He has a wresling Championship of Greece in these years but he is only focus that the football which he learned with his brother by playing on the streets. When jornalists ask about his education he aanswers ''football school'2 he graduated form high school. He is married with his only and single love Vanessa, whom he met in a cafe in Athens. They have a twins Nikolas and Mikaela. He is now staying in a hotel in Samsun however after he is organised he is planing to move a house and carry his family to Samsun from Korfu Island. I don't need to show myself. He says that his career is confirmed, he doesn't need to show himself anybody. He says that he knows about the hospitability of Turks from Germany but he really suprised to face this kind of hospitability in Samsun everybody welcomed him perfect in Turkey. His only target now to carry Smasunspor to up rankings. He learned Lefter here He learned about Lefter Kucukantonionaidis, and he apriciated his carieer in Turkey and his magic to collect everybody around him. He is familier to play in Turkey that he played aganist to Turkish National Team in Istanbul Ali Sami Yen and Inonu Stadiums. Turkish NT is good team but everytime they manage to fall in a difficult group, this is bad lack of them. Short Chat for about Turkey He talk about bad effect of the crises on Greece. On the other hand he says that he was hearing from Turkish friends about the developing in turkey but he recognised it by himself when he came to Turkey. He says that turkey is a big country and really developing power. Turkish is a difficult language it has a strange melody inside, when he find time first opportunity he will start to learn Turkish. ********* A proffesional interview, i liked it...
  14. So isn't money a good reason for a footballer who is 31 years old:)If he would be transfered to 1 of 3 big teams in Istanbul next year he could even earn 3 milion per year... I don't think another club in the world will pay 3 milion to Gekas, isn't it? If Gekas is too good that it seen he is good, he will be in Besiktas, Galatasaray or Fenerbahce next year even he will be 32. I don't know Greek league however it is my guess that the 2 leagues are similar. On the other hand Turkish league market value is much more bigger than Greek league. Broadcasting price of Turkish Super League is more expensive than Bundesliga, it is 5th in Europe. Is there a posibility Gekas' root from Black See Region-Pont? Gekas gave a full hope to Samsunspor now all sıpporters happy that they have good forward and they beleive Samsun will stay in Super league this year...
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