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ECL-GS-R3: Copehagen - PAOK (21-10-21, 19:45 EEST)


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If we move the ball quicker in our counter attacks and keep the ball more while they are all men behind the ball, we score a lot more. I have no idea what Biseswar is thinking when he holds on to the ball for longer. I also don't understand the long balls than give away possession while we have the ball and are in control. Just keep the ball! Even if it is just a 2 metre pass!

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Good win, great result. Controlled the majority of that game. We now top the group. Once tonight's game is over, I would assume we'll see:


Copenhagen 6

Slovan 4

Lincoln 0


Note that our last game is vs Lincoln as well, so we will end the group stage with a more favorable calendar than the Danes

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The last 20 minutes of the game we played like a little team. Did not have any possession and we were giving them chances to get back in the game. Copenhagen is obviously much better team than PAOK and we will have tough time against them in Toumba. Hopefully we can win or at a minimum get a tie and not drop points against Slovan and Lincoln. That should be enough for 1st place in the group.

Zivkovic and Esiti our best players.

Varela should not be our starting CB anymore.

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Copenhagen is no Barcelona, Blackhawk. They're good but not amazing. We should be able to beat them at home. At the very least, today might be the deciding factor as far as second place goes. Though I don't know how attractive of a position second place is, considering the EL teams that are currently sitting in third place in their respective groups...

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I thought Esiti was an absolute beast tonight. One of his best performances in a PAOK shirt.

As Blackhawk said, they have a better side and during some parts of the game it was as if we were playing with 10 men, not them.

It will be tricky against them in November. A tie would be amazing.

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