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2022 WCQ: Greece - Sweden (8 Sep. 2021, 21:45 EEST - Olympic Stadium, Athens)

Dutch Eagle

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0-0 Half time. We are lucky Vlachodimos has made some big saves whilst Pavlidis had our one big chance.

In a nutshell, we have had possession but can only rely on crosses for chances at goals, Androutsos’s crosses have been poor like they were in Kosovo… go figure!!
Our midfield combo lacks the ability to go through the middle.. go figure.

Sweden have had little issues running through us and have had couple of huge chances we are lucky Vlachodimos saved.

Mavropanos really lost in the headlights when it comes to reading a header in a crowd.

Unless another attacker comes on soon and we can change things up, I see a draw or loss

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3 minutes ago, Alphonse said:

Fmd Androutsos in front of goal passes it backwards to no one…

No kidding.

Greece have little concept of how to finish. That player should have shot the ball but if he going to pass in the box it has to be a sure pass with enough pace to get to his player. 

This may be a team with some youth but they have to show some promise at some point so they can see a future. 


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