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Nations League: Greece - Moldova (11 Oct. 2020, Olympic Stadium, Athens)

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I’m not hidden pal! I’m right here. If you’re sitting here waiting for him to get “sucked”, real good fan you are! Hoping the team does poorly so your mortal enemy gets fired. Not a good look. Ugly fo

The coach is doing fine. His job is to win and he’s doing that. Results matter not style points. If style points mattered, Italy would’ve sucked all those years. As long as he gets wins doesn’t matter

Boxou is now sad : (   Vant Schip will go down in the record books of great coaches for the Ethniki! 

1 minute ago, PaokCT said:

This game is Boxou’s wet dream

It's rather the reality you fail to see because for the past year you have been reading everywhere how much of a grear team we have been since the departure of toxic guys.

And that is based on the performance against Armenias and Kosovos of this world

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Not really, celebrating this goal makes you look ridiculous because Moldova are San Marino level who can't sting 50 passes together the whole game and basically shows how much low the expectations of the team should be.

Now go mock someone else or better tru to use arguments when you do that 

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