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Estonia vs. Greece (10 October 2016, A Le Coq Arena, Tallinn)

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Boythes, lets get happy cause we haven't lost for a while and this campaign is going great. Better than our last campaign, during our rebuilding.

If Skibbe has the option to call up players then why not use it? Is he that closed minded? Does he not see what everyone else sees? If he plays Maniatis and Tziolis in this match then I'm truly at a l

Now would I rather have Holebas in the lineup? Without a doubt! but who knows? Maybe he was a bad apple in the locker room? Didn't he recently throw his NT jersey in a fit of rage following a los

6 minutes ago, Amorgos said:

I prefer my line up but this is the Ethniki... 

Holebas would have been good in this game and I hope Bakasetas has a better game than what we saw mid week.

Keen to see how Maniatis-Papadopoulos go

Come on Greece!!


Don't have high hopes for this combo. Maniatis will cover the ground and pester opponents, K. Pap will shield the defense, win balls in the air. But which one of these guys is expected to get the ball forward? Afraid we'll see a lot of sideways passing to the full-backs. Or Mantalos/Baka (whichever one plays 10) having to drop very deep to collect the ball.

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