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10 PAOKtsides in the final squad for Malta. Tasiouras did not make it as he has fever right now. 

But Monastirlis, Deligiannis, Tsikos, Kottas, Georgiadis, Goumas, Gitersos, Spyrakos, Tzimas and Smirlis are in the squad of 20!!

Looks like the 1986 WC in Mexico where half of Lobanovksi's USSR-squad was the core of the mighty Dynamo Kyiv of the same Valeri Lobanovksi.

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On 7/2/2023 at 6:52 PM, Dutch Eagle said:

10 PAOKtsides in the final squad for Malta. 

7 in the starting 11 against Norway and the lads are being butchered.  5-0 at HT for the young Norwegians. 

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Looks like the Greek national team officials and coaches are back at their old tricks, where call ups are based on who controls EPO and who the player agents want to be called up. For that reason Poyet has not called up the player that is at his top form lately and is one of the biggest Greek talents. I am talking of course about Konstantelias who was not called up for the two upcoming games against Holland and Gibraltar. Koulierakis was the only PAOK player called up, but I am certain that he will sit on the bench, so 35-year old Tzavellas can get a start.

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PAOK players international duties this coming week:


GREECE – Koulierakis
07.09.2023 21:45 EEST:  Holland  - Greece (EURO 2024 Qualifying)
10.07.2023 21:45 EEST:  Greece - Gibraltar (EURO 2024 Qualifying)

POLAND – Kedziora
07.09.2023 21:45 EEST:  Poland – Faroe Islands (EURO 2024 Qualifying)
10.09.2023 21:45 EEST:  Albania - Poland  (EURO 2024 Qualifying)

SERBIA - Zivkovic A.
07.09.2023 21:45 EEST:  Serbia - Hungary  (EURO 2024 Qualifying)
10.07.2023 21:45 EEST:  Lithuania - Serbia  (EURO 2024 Qualifying)

BULGARIA - Despodov
07.09.2023 19:00 EEST:  Bulgaria – Iran (Friendly Game)
10.07.2023 19:00 EEST:  Montenegro - Bulgaria  (EURO 2024 Qualifying)

10.09.2023 19:00 EEST:  Nigeria – Sao Tome e Pricipe (Africa Cup Qualifying)

GHANA - Baba

07.09.2023 19:00 EEST:  Ghana – Central African Republic (Africa Cup Qualifying)

TANZANIA - Samatta

07.09.2023 22:00 EEST:  Algeria - Tanzania (Africa Cup Qualifying)



GREECE U21 - Panagiotou, Tsopouroglou, Darelas
12.09.2023 20:00 EEST:  Andorra - Greece (EURO 2025 Qualifying)         

ALBANIA U21 - Selimai
08.09.2023 18:00 EEST:  Armenia - Albania (EURO 2025 Qualifying)         
12.09.2023 19:30 EEST:  Albania - Romania  (EURO 2025 Qualifying)         

GEORGIA U21 - Gordeziani   
06.09.2023 19:00 EEST:  Georgia - Gibraltar (EURO 2025 Qualifying)         

12.09.2023 19:00 EEST:  Moldova - Georgia (EURO 2025 Qualifying)         

GREECE U19 – Tzimas, Kottas, Goumas, Deligiannis, Kastidis

08.09.2023  19:00 EEST:  Greece - Bulgaria  (Friendly Game) 
11.09.2023  11:00 EEST:  Greece - Bulgaria  (Friendly Game) 

GREECE U17 – Kosidis, Bataulas, Beleris, Eleftheriadis, Papanikopoulos, Tsitsilas, Mythos, Dounga   
07.09.2023 19:00 EEST:  Austria - Greece (Friendly Game)
10.09.2023 12:30 EEST:  Austria - Greece (Friendly Game)            

POLAND U17 - Snauczner
03.09.2023 – 12.09.2023:  Poland – International tournament in Croatia

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How/What did they do?

Koulierakis: subbed in at 3-0. No mistakes, improved the Ethnkki

Kedziora: whole match. 2-0 win against the minnows of the Faroer islands. 

Zivkovic A.: subbed in at HT trailing 2-1 and the score remained till FT

Despodov: whole match. 0-1 home defeat against WC regular Iran

Baba: whole match and a 2-1 win. Qualified for the finals of the Africa Cup in Jan-Feb 2024 in Ivory Coast.

Samatta: did not play, not even in the squad. Sadly his team qualified for the AFCON finals too as Algeria did not fullfill their duties and refused to win this match the should win in normal circumstances: 0-0 (Otherwise Uganda would have qualified). So he will be away too in the winter. 

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