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Movie Thread

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Lawrence of Arabia is a great movie, I don't see what Arab music has to do with it though.

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I'm a real sucker for the Star Wars stuff, even though the last movie was a hot flaming turd, I still enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the end scene.

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Did you know Sir Alec Guiness' agent had put in a clause to his contract where he would get a cut of the film's revenue? It set him for life, and he was able to select only the roles he felt like taking from then on. Quite a lucky break really, he personally did not think the movie was that great initially from what I understand.

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Stathis Psaltis, the actor who appeared in many great comedies died of cancer at the age of 66. RIP


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      I saw that we have a thread for movies in general but I thought having one for Greek movies would also be interesting. I couldn't find a thread but if there already is one then I would kindly ask a mod to merge the topics.
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      For any of you that are interested in space exploration and sci-fi this is a good watch.
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      The documentary part is interviews of employees of SpaceX including Elon Musk and what they're working on today to make this a reality.  Peter Diamandis is in it also (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Diamandis). 
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      Chat about your fave tv shows!
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      Ethiopia: who needs roundabouts and traffic lights  :D