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I saw it today and enjoyed it. I liked how the film seemed to sick more to its roots in the original trilogy, than the prequels did, even if the whole blowing up a space station thing is getting a bit repetitive now. Most of the new characters seem interesting and there is a lot of nostalgia for someone like me whose seem the old films too many times.


But there are a few things that weren't really explained properly. I was never totally sure whether the Stormtroopers were clones or not, well now I know their not (apart from the first Stormtroopers). They don't really say how the 'New Order' came about and what they are, there is a big time gap between Return of the Jedi and this film.


I also found it funny how Rey was basically able to learn the ways of the force in one day with no training. Luke was taught by Obi Wan, then had to go train in a swamp with Yoda in Degobar and even then he was too weak to fight Vader. Obviously Vader seems stronger, but still.

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Basically after the fall of the Republic they scrapped most of the clones because, as mentioned above, they aged at an accelerated rate. They only kept a handful including the 501st division of clones which was pretty much their elite. Palpatine used instigation and patriotism to fuel the creation of Imperial academies where normal people went and were taught the ways of the stormtrooper. So in the Original Trilogy I would guess almost all of them are regular fighters and not clones. 


In the new movie it is stated that the First Order was comprised of babies that were kidnapped at birth and taught the ways of the stormtrooper/empire. So I don't think they are clones, i think they are brainwashed people raised since they were babies. 




As for the movie. I saw it on opening night last Thursday and honestly, I was disappointed. It was basically A New Hope remake with the ending from Return of the Jedi. The best review I read was, " It as as if JJ Abrams was given a Lamborghini and he was so scared of damaging it or scratching it that he just sat in the car and admired rather than drive it" This movie pandered too much to the crybaby Original Trilogy crowd and yes even though it had this great feel of the OT the move felt like a remake rather than a sequel. Say what you want about the prequels but at least Lucas had the balls to attempt something new.  Also I felt like they pretty much brazed over Han Solo's death fairly quickly. 


Also I don't care how much training Rey had as a child, for me, they could have found a way to make Kylo Ren seem more powerful in defeat. It makes no sense for someone with little force training to be able to "outforce" Kylo Ren off of a light saber. This is force power we are talking about, not physical power, so the "he was shot in the ribs" argument doesn't stand well. In the first few minutes of the movie Kylo Ren looked AWESOME, he looked powerful, mysterious, reckless, and cool. The ending pretty much killed this for me. Having Finn wield the light saber was blasphemous. Also general Hux was not at all interesting to me. 



Other than that, like Tantra points out, I do see the potential in the next films to come out and the overall experience int he theater was great. It didn't feel like close ot 2.5 hours at all. 

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The Godfather

Pulp Fiction


The Matrix

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Lawrence of Arabia


La Haine


Carlito's Way

City of God

Coming to America


Dumb and Dumber

Life is beautiful

American History X

Crouching tiger hidden dragon

Sin city

25th Hour

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Did you know Sir Alec Guiness' agent had put in a clause to his contract where he would get a cut of the film's revenue? It set him for life, and he was able to select only the roles he felt like taking from then on. Quite a lucky break really, he personally did not think the movie was that great initially from what I understand.

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Agreed file!

Also some very good gangster movies if anyone is looking for recomendations...

Once upon a time in America

The Departed

City of God


A Prophet


King of New York

Donnie Brasco

the Jacques Mesrine movies

Layer Cake

Eastern Promises


Snatch Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

La Haine



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Anyone here ever seen this film? I just discovered it and it is freaking epic imo! The full movie is available on youtube if anyone is interested.


Also, on the full movie link, the comments are just as epic ?

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