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I admitt that I m looking with worries.. to this game....as we are not allowed to concede any goal.............. ok we were not that lucky the last weeks... due to the various injuries.... (Lakis, Georgatos, Petkov, Tsartas, Kassapis)..... then we had also some irreguralities... where we could not get in time Okkas, Lyberopoulos, Abonsah for a good pre-saison preparation....and also got Nalitzis' blue card....very late....... , additional with the late greek championship start........ we went only with 70% of our full capacity into the game in Zurich.

Nevertheless, we could have achieved a better result.... because Bajevic.. did not go from the beginning for the killing of a groggy and unssecure..adversaire... with his anxious line-up....allowed him to recover ... catch new air...and to hit back.

Ok ... it happened .... afterwards everybody is wiser.

Looking the things with a positive eye... perhaps 0:1 is better than a 0:0... as we know now what we have to do............ SCORE 2 GOALS.. without conceding one.

Let's do it....

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there is no doubt in my ind that our fans will create an atmopshere that will only help our team. but i am very anxious, and i must say that i do not have high hopes- i think we committed suicide in the first game, and it may be too late now.

our defense looks shaky, we have not attack down the right flank and our offense doesn't seem in better shape, other than okkas.

we must hope and believe that our key players, in other words, all who play, will have a good day, will play with passion and resolve, and that lady luck will smile upon us and warm our hearts when we are waiting indeed for the next "kryada".

that is all i can ask for


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My match report about the AEK - Dynamo Dresden is on the Ezine!

This is the soul and strength our players must show! Be ready to even go down by 1 or 2 goals and fight back!

It should be life or death for us fans, them players and generally the club!

Aeraaaaa! :ph34r:

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If lybe saves your hanoymi a..ss, I will come to Mytilini and you´ll treat me spaggetti with lobster. Tell the guy at the taverna to have the lobster ready at the grill and we will celebrate together the salvation of Aekaki and the great start of lybe in the CL!! :D

P.S. The only thing you must know is that Lybe is used to the Italian (PAO) way of football, so you have to forget everything you knew about 4-2s and 5-1s, the Dynamo game and all that crap! Lybe will score in the 87th minute, the game will go to extra time, and Aek will fo through on penalties!!!

The pure and safe PAO & ITALIAN way(A.K.A tsoykoy-tsoykoy ball) !!!

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The bottomline is that you, hannoymisses are chippies like your former president (big Mac), and that you care more about not treating the pappouli a lobster, than getting your team through to the groups of the CL!! This is where the philosophy of PAO and AEK fans differ! :P

We are the elite fans (lobster) and you are the kebab fans! If PAO gets through to the next round I will buy you, TWO lobsters (one for each of you) in kolonaki so that you live, even for a single day, as pure elite vazelofans!!! :D

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Many people think... and Bajevic also admitted it that he is thinking about..... to start Lymbe from the beginning...... because he would play in familiar atmosphere (Leoforos)..... although he is not 100% ready.....

On the other hand Koller said in Swiss newspapers...he is sure that his team will score an away goal.

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Well since days.. they sell the game for AEK.... as a fact of.... TO BE or NOT TO BE...... , repeating the slogans of our national enemies.... that if we can't pass ...we will face bankruptcy......

They all are very confident.... (which gives me a lot of hopes.... ) that they will score at least one goal......... coach, team, public and the fans....

Their insurance... is written in the name.. of ....RICARDO NUNEZ.............


I wrote them in their forums.... that they faced only a 70 % ready AEK.... and now in Athens they will face supplementary 20 %......

Only in September we will have our full force...... and I said them ... that would have the Qualifications started in September...... everything would be clear.

And I also said them ... that should we have a narrow... pass... and then in the CL...beat teams.... they must not think... that they could have done it too in our place...... because their luck was to meet a reduced AEK.

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All of these are irrelevant my dearest friends hanoymises! It doesnt matter what the swiss newspaper say, the only thing that matters is Lybe´s mood.... If Lybe is in a good mood and he has an erection (to be polite) then the sweeds will leave Athens with a bad memories. On the other hand, if Lybes is not feeling very well (or doesnt play for some reason) then I see all of you Hanoymakia ready to crucify Bajevic and the players in Syntagma Square like Joan of Arc! :lol:

And no lobster for the popps (That is the only bad thing about AEK getting out of CL).... :lol:

Just Kidding.............

Pontikare are you nervous???? Have a 500ml Choc Choc Chop Haagen Dazs and you will get over it....... :lol:

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