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i agree %100, especially when it comes to remaining foccused for the prwta8lima. our first aim was to qualify for the CL, and the next should be to win the league. no easy feat, but that's what we are all hoping for. we have come so close in the past couple of seasons that it is now imperative that we win it this year.

plus, the fashion in which we qualified for the CL i don't think will go to the players heads.......in the end we kinda scraped through and we were very lucky - i'm still thinking about that nunez chance right at the death!

this would only act as a reminder to the players that we have to work harder to improve things. sure it is the begining of the season but we have to improve straight away.

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I will tell you something familiar about last night....

The year was 1995, Greek cup final, 16th minute when Saravakos was preparing to take a penalty, against Wantzik! People were waiting in agony to see whats going to happen.......

Shoots the ball and..................missed....... 5 meters above the bar......

Then 35.000 on their feet were shouting the legendary..."MITSARA VAZELA PETA THN FANELA!!!!!!"

I presume that when Lybe missed the penalty last night all of you Hanoymises thought about that moment huh???? How does it sound ..."LYBE VAZELA PETA THN FANELA???"

For the first time I will agree with the mouse. He was stunned to see 16.000 Hanoymises cheering after he scored the 2nd foal and he could not believe his eyes... You COULD actually see it in his eyes, the mouse is right!!!!

Anyway, great win yesturday (that is what matters most isnt it), but I think that Bajevic is the same old stubborn coach like he was 10 years ago... The score is 3-1 the opponents are playing with 10 men, and he is substituting Lybe to put another defensive player in the game. Unbelievable!!!! That is why they almost score in the 94th minute (I bet all og you went crazy at the time huh). Ginally, I hope that you all realised yesturday that the tsoykoy-tsoykoy ball is not something easy that everyone can do! You have to have the right mentality and players in order to play defensively, and AEK has always been an offensive team. So my advise is stick to the kind of football that you know best and dont try to change to something that you have no experience or knowledge of playing.

So congratulations and have a good draw today for the CL groups!!!!

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Lybe was substituted because the man was not ready for a full game yet!

The team (as I said above) is just not ready yet! Shame on the coach, and the training staff for such a gamble! But at least we will peak later on and now that all went fine this is what we need!


AEK did not create chances!

The goals came out of SET PIECES!

Relax! AEK needs work... !

Of course last night we had

- Tsiartas and Georgatos back after minor injuries and still unable to play a 90' war! (amazing how the team transforms when they go out though! )

- Kassapis, Lakis, Ivic as major injuries and I am not going to mentioned the other injured who are usefull but not exactly missed 100% eg. Petkov, Kostis etc...

- Lymberopoulos was not ready yet!

- Asonsah and Moras (who was not used) need to get aquainted with the team, while Okkas does too but seems more ready to do so day after day...

So I am confident!

But now that the enthusiasm subsides ... lets see things rationally...

WORK HARD AEK! WORK! We have a terrific team! With a young DR and maybe DC in December we can play ANY team! ;)

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I think that tsiartas had a really bad perormance yesturday, and apart from Mihalakis (konstadinou), I believe that he is the most out of form player in the league. He is walking in the field, he is not marking whatsoever, and the only thing he does is run in front of the camera all the time just to be in every set piece which AEK wins. I think he needs a little bit of "BENCHING" just to get him realise that in order for him to be in the squad he needs to perform and not just to play because of his name.... ;)

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Tsartas no good ????????????

1) He was still handicaped by his injury !

2) In Swiss papers they always give the outstanding criterions....in a game.... often they leave it void... because nobody was outstanding.... This morning they wrote....... Tsartas centres / assists....

3) Did you see what happened when Tsartas went out..... a team with no brain, no lead..........

4) In Swiss TV..... Rehagel said......... the best AEK players Tsartas, Georgatos (maybe he is thinking to take him back)......

5) Lyberopoulos..... for those who know about football and don't make their opionion just from Greek Sports papers... and on mythic paths........ know.. that Lybe's presence was a great risk.. to put him as from beginning..... but the risk has been awarded (...because he is not ready yet....and everybody could see it.....) But Lyberopoulos is a very good enforce for us.... and he will still improve......

I was expecting that Lybe will be taken out...... because if a player is not ready... and he stands too long in the game.... he is risking to get serious injuries (muscles)..... also he can not contribute any more....

6) Gooshh , I thought in the last minutes ..that we will be kicked out......

2 factors.... a) our mental deficiency... , which is normal in a so important game...

b.) The championsship just started.. and GC had a big advantage on the physical field....

7) Would the penalty have been succesful.... we would have put them 6 - 7

8) But we could have been also out in the 90' :unsure:

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