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what the hell was that re paidia?

om21 and i were dying in the last 15-20 mins....couldn't breathe properly and almost had a heart attack.

bloody lybe! it would have been a carnival atmosphere had he of scored the penalty......he was probably thinking about the headlines with 2 goals!!

anyway, the main thing is that we went through and deposited the 7 million eurw in our bank account.


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Re paidia, mou bgalane thn psixi simera!! Kardioxtipima epatha!! Alla den pirazi.... h prokrisi einai dikia mas!! Epitelous... kala otan dethi h omada gia ta kala (kainourgioi paixtes - Abonsah, Lybe kai Okkas) 8a eimaste foveri!! Bravo AEKapa mou!!

PS Well done to Partizan and Marseille as well!!

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the other thing that we can take awa from the match, is that we know that we will get much better! we're still finding our way as a team with the new mix of players.

and don't forget that we still have lakis and petkov to come back which will be a huge boost. we are already testing our depth with moving players around to accomodate for some of the injuries, but we know that at full strength and with a few games aunder our belt, we will improve 10-fold!!

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