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  1. Dont know why, but I think we will win. They are a good team but nothing special. I think we can break this hoo doo of ours and win a CL game for a change. I say we will win 2-0.
  2. His first start and first match and they win.... ok he didnt score but Demis doesnt need to score to play well..... BRAVO DEMAPA!!!
  3. Gob- sorry mate, may have jumped the gun.... just like to keep it to AEK-Aris talk in this topic.... DA - agree.... he was superb vs the Worms on Saturday.... as was Georgeas.
  4. Having crooks as Presidents, having corruption fileter down from the top levels to the bottom has no bearing on the state of Greek Football or your eyes are closed to those issues?
  5. OM21 Pes ta re Kwsta, emas den mas akoui..... :tup:
  6. Anyone know the dollar (or Euro) amounts of these sponsorships? I know that Hellas Jet are giving us 300,000 Euros per year.
  7. Well only the Hellas Jet sponsor will go on the shirt (sleeve). We will have Trapeza Pireaus on the front, Telestet on the back as well. But we need all the $$ we can get, these sponsors as well as the Champions League money help us BIG time.
  8. What is happening? Good news from AEK? How can this be? This week PAE have signed sponsorships with three companies, being Hellas Jet, Iatriko Kentro Athinwn and Force Pureautique (French company).... pos to pathane?
  9. You are not serious? Illiako? oxi!! Mia fora kai ena kairo htan kalos, twpa? ksexase ton!!
  10. What is this moronic fascination with Turkish words and what does it have to do with Skoulikia vs AEK..... Ade kai me thn nikh!
  11. Even worse when we let Dellas and Gamarra go!
  12. Mono me nikh sth 8essalonikh.... den 8elw na skeuto isopalia h htta. 0-2.
  13. I think that they had technical difficulties with the Satellite feed from Greece to Australia.
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