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Is the New Independent Beginning looming near ?


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I prefer the solution Nikolaidis....eventhough he has less money...... on the long term is the better solution.

Being of a much less trusting nature than you, I am afraid that

1) The Nikolaidis solution cannot realistically be half as good as expected.

2) The Nikolaidis solution will very likely be worse than any other because Demis will be forced to satisfy the powers behind the throne.

The worst thing though about the Nikolaidis solution is that if it comes to be and my pessimistic projections turn out to be true, it will kill all hope and illusion in the AEK supporters.

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I don't know all the details....but just on first sight.......

The Nikolaidis Group has done their budget...and it seems that they know also the liabilities of AEK...... therefore they need the credit of of 6-7 mio. Euro...

Furthermore with an approved "Arthro 44" the debts will be cut to a wide extend.

I suppose that they will show openly the books / budget to the players...and will explain them how much they are able to pay......

The positive thing about Demis is ....he has the aura to produce an enthusiasm in the wide AEK family....and he is the person, who can domesticate the subversive elements of the "Originals" .

The enthusiasm will generate a lot of saison tickets....the control of the "Original".. will bring peace in the camp of AEK.... in order to work in a productive atmosphere.....

Further on he has enough football experience for the technical moves.....and I don't think that he will be the puppet of anybody as he has enough character.....

The only danger that I see...is only after 4-5 years on power...... then no one is to trust.....as power changes the character of mankind......and by then I hope that we will function as a club and not as a Corporation......in order that we have enough control tools....for the man / men on power.


If comes just "a rich man" .....so this will be for his persoal needs.....and on the long term the problems of AEK will remain in my opinion. It will be only the continuation of the past.

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Demis is talking right now and he is saying he bought a level of shares allowing him to control the Club.

He added that he only has to speak to a few more players and that he is almost in agreement with almost all.

He said that from the financial control at AEK he found out that the debts up to 30-June

8milion Euro to Players

etc etc

Added up to 11 million in debt

17 milion have to be payed despite the article 44 clause and the aforementioned 11 of them have to be payed before the 30th of june

( I type as he speaks more to come..)

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... he went on asking the support of all AEK fans

Question by Journalist: Mr. Nikolaidis, AEk was on the road due to the fans attitude.

Answer: Right now survival of the club is number 1 priority. We will start by asking all fans to buy season tickets or come as much to the games. And since it is all about survival, we cannot even think of attitudes that can lead to punishments.

He went on

We already have issued some checks top secure paying the money needed for AEK to participate in all competitions

The total debt is 151 million Euro (withoput article 44 in consideration)

If AEK board does not give the final OK today or tomorrow we would have lsot at least 1,5 milion we issued in checks today for the team to participate in competitions

He spoke about the differences he discussed with players on the money AEK owed them. He said he agreed with 95% with players and he is on a good path with the rest (4 players)

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(Sorry for the mixed info... its typed as spoken)

All comment below are answers to journalists questions...


The money for AEK to be able to participate in all comps have to be dealt by tomorrow when the appeal of AEK is to be judged.

The fact that an interested party showed up (he means Vasilias) one day before the AEK board meeting is funny and weird.

I believe we will have more onbstacles along the way.

Te weight falls on the wolrd now even if they have no blame for te situaton we face. Only they can save AEK now

Behind me, I have given some names and I can give some more today if you want. But this is not impotrant Anyway...

He gave 3 names of Ship Owners I did not manage to hear

The plans we made are for OAKA! We will use OAKA and I dont think we would have any problem using it. But we can still change the home ground if needed.

I will participate in the Greek NT, but there are capable people in my team to handle all issues even when I am away.

We want a multiple ownership so even if one of the team wants to add more money its not possible. We decides we all will participate with almost equal amounts and noone will be really in charge and we ask all the AEK friends to participate. AEK must start from this base and build up from that.

If that does not work we will loose our money and go.

It will be our pleasure if some other parties puts money in and even if they take control, but up to then , we will march in this collective way.

There was a contact 2 months ago with mr. melissanidis who expressed his concern but did not offer any help

I dont feel i need to face anyone as a rival. I am only intereste in AEK. I am not a rival with anyone

I am ready to face all trouble makers. For the AEK we dream those people do not fit in.

We have not made any thoughts yet about a coach or whether the current coach will stay. Its too early and there were other trouble I had to face.

I was offended when some journalists called me a blackmailer. I will sue a certain journalist.

I dont care how AEK will do in contrast to the other major Greek teams. My first conern is survial, then Accademies, no violence, good football and te titles will come

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We have now 58% of the shares and we are in article 44...

But whoever wants to buy AEK now, we sell it to him.

We need a 6 million loan to cover all things till 30th of june, and all the rest must start to flow in from serason tickets. And in some years AEK must belong to all people who love the club.

The board told me today for the new interest expressed, but they said they will only discuss with me for buying the club and not with the person interested (Vasilias?)

I know EPO want to help us, and all teams, but this time they have pressure from UEFA and FIFA so things are difficult.

The state is at fault for the situation at AEK for letting all previous boards make transfers without paying the taxes which AEK now owes.

We will go after people who have stolen from AEK too



Here the interview was stopped by the radio station even if it was going on

I am sure it will be shortly on the web in full

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Kwstas Generakis just made public his resignation as President of AEK calling Demis to take over ...

This happened before the Ministry of Development decided on the awaited axpansion of the AEK share capital which is needed for Demis to Control 58% and take over.

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I wonder how much power AEK will actually wield in attempting to get certain monies from past owners, ie. Psomiadis.

That sort of legal action could run years and amount to nothing in the end.

Any thoughts?

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