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Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2024


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Will this be before or after we hire you as third string keeper? MAKE IT HAPPEN, SAVVIDIS!

Would love it if Misic came though...

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We need a minimum of 4-5 players this Summer. A killer forward, two centre halves, a goalkeeper to replace the Kotarski in the event of him being sold and a replacement for Koulierakis (for the same reason).

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Kedziora I think his contract is expiring with Dynamo Kiev.  We should try and sign him.

Koulierakis if we sell for anything under 15 million we are stooges.

Ekong who knows.  He had moments where he was ok.  But just ok.  Not the intention when we signed him which was for him to be the general at the back.

Nasberg again who knows.

The midfield is a bit up in the air also.  Antonio won't be around and he didn't do much anyway.  Meite we out to sign but let's see.  Schwab is getting on (but he's done well) and who knows again.  Tsiggaras same.

Lots of work to do.  As always, I'm sure we'll leave it to the last minute. ?

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Interesting. I would think Meite would be a good candidate to sign, even for four million? I wonder if this impasse is due to the older reports of us trying to get him for a little less (like 3 million or whatever). Would not shock me if we ended up with a Kedziora situation, where we just try to take him on loan again.


Also makes me wonder if the team just simply has a better alternative in mind (Misic?! who needs a defensive midfielder anyway...)

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Was just reminded that Tiago Dantas will be a free agent at the end of June. Played 19 games this season, one goal, one assist. Wouldn't be opposed to a reunion - he was much better for us than Marcos Antonio, who obviously will not be acquired. Doesn't solve the DM situation (assuming we don't acquire Meite), but Schwab's also going to be a free agent next month, so there will be space at midfield...

Anyway, plenty of other rumors out there. I hope the team does make moves very quickly; even if we get the latest possible start date, we will have a lot of holes to fill.

Ivan Basic - Bosnian player, attacking midfielder. I can't see this happening: https://www.transfermarkt.com/ivan-basic/profil/spieler/620560

Anderson Duarte - plays a position of need (LW), I could see us going for him: https://www.transfermarkt.com/anderson-duarte/profil/spieler/928648

Adrian Sut - could be the anti-Meite, but I know very little about him. FCSB also will extract maximum money from us for him: https://www.transfermarkt.com/adrian-sut/profil/spieler/433979

Cristo Gonzalez - plays either CF or SS, in Portugal. Got some entertaining highlights, but might be a bit expensive for us: https://www.transfermarkt.com/cristo/profil/spieler/339707

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More questions are who leaves? 







If we win the league and make the qualifying rounds, I can see us keeping some of them until the end of the window

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Yeah, I would be surprised if we still have Konstantelias or Koulierakis by the end of the transfer window. The positive there, of course, is that we'd likely have easily another 15 million euros in our coffers to spend on replacements. Kotarski would also net us a lot of money if we were to sell him, I feel.

I should also mention that I've seen some random speculation that we want Pelkas and Tzolis back. Pelkas might be a bit more believable, but I think we need to trend younger. And don't forget that Tzolis clearly didn't want to be here the moment there was serious interest in his services abroad...

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@pashwhy are you writing about Dantas? He wasn't good enough for us. Putting that you wouldn't mind a reunion on here is just given them ideas. I am sure someone from the PAE reads this stuff.

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At least two English teams are interested in Baba, so if the price is right I am sure PAOK will not have a problem to sell him. If that happens, we should pursue Gianoulis who is apparently negotiating with AEX.

I am sure that at least one of the Kotarski, Koulierakis or Konstantelias will not be with us next season. Most likely Koulierakis will be the first one to be sold.

I don't see Zivkovic going anywhere. He just got married and is expecting an addition to the family, so I think he will stay with us. I see Zivkovic becoming the replacement for Vieirinha as a captain of the team.

I think we will sign Schwab to one more season. Good backup option on midfield.

Pelkas almost joined us for this season, but he wanted more money than we were offering. I am sure he might be more willing to come back this time around.

If we don't sell Kostarski we need to find a good backup keeper. If we sell him we will need two keepers.

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I believe both Brentford and Ipswich are interested in Baba. Difficult to turn down the Premier League even with the prospect of playing European football.

Apparently the Koulierakis deal is already done. €14m + 30% sell-on clause. Source: Some guy at the London Fan Club.

Norwich are currently 2-0 down to Leeds so it looks like they will be staying in the Championship. Giannoulis played one season in the Premier League and was out of his depth. It would be a terrible move to go from England back to Greece so I really think this is just his agent trying to get a backup offer from PAOK.

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Hey, what can I say, I liked what I saw from Dantas. I'll offer him a few packs of Ivan's finest cigarettes to come play, why not.

14 million for 70% of his rights is a very good deal for us, IMO. I'm sure the rando has only the highest quality sources, right? I think we are going to lose most of our CBs this summer, but for that kind of money we can find a lot of depth, so hopefully it's true.

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1 hour ago, pash said:

 I think we are going to lose most of our CBs this summer, but for that kind of money we can find a lot of depth, so hopefully it's true.

Knowing us we will no doubt inquire about Ingason.

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14 mil for Koulierakis

< 15 mil for Konstantelias

5-7 mil for Kotarski


Plus the $ from UCL if we qualify, and we should have easily 30 mil to spend on players. We could completely retool not only our senior team, but bring in some young players who can make an impact in 2-3 seasons

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Do we know who has been doing our scouting since Boto left? I guess Boto identified Brandon Thomas and Kotarski, and pushed for Koulierakis and Konstantelias... but Despodov must be whoever secretly is in charge now?

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Noting the current roster here. Names in bold either have expiring contracts (and may be expected to retire ?). Names in italics are rumored to be sold.


  • Kotarski
  • Z Zivkovic
  • Talichmanidis


  • Koulierakis
  • Kedziora
  • Troost-Ekong
  • Michailidis
  • Nasberg


  • Baba Rahman
  • Vieirinha
  • Sastre
  • Jonny Otto
  • Rafa Soares


  • Marcos Antonio
  • Soualiho Meite
  • Tsingaras
  • Schwab
  • Ozdoev
  • Murg
  • Konstantelias


  • Taison
  • Zivkovic
  • Despodov
  • Samatta
  • Brandon Thomas (technically end of contract, but with one-year option remaining that will surely be picked up)
  • Tzimas

I would expect some B and K19 kids to get called up for the training camp. Here are some names that I am guessing are more likely. We probably will see some of the GKs (like Nader) show up as well.

CBs: Panagiotou, Sinanaj

Midfielders: Giaxis, Ninua, Andre Ricardo, Quagliata, Brandonjic (is he even on the team? Transfermarkt says he came back in January)

Forwards: Hicham Kanis, Panidis


Basically, we have a lot of holes to cover. For CBs, I bet Ekong and Nasberg will not be on the final roster, for example. Tsingaras has completely disappeared, so he's probably gone too. And, God willing, we'll find some saps to buy Samatta for a pack of cigarettes and a koulouri.

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