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Cup-SF-L1: PAS Lamia - PAOK (08.03.23, 19:00 EET)


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In terms of Trophies won? Yes it is, from 2017 we have won 5 trophies where the club had 6 total honours previous to that recent success (League and Cup). 

A lot of older fans highlight the 70's as PAOK's golden era, with some legendary players, slick football and our first league title was captured along with 2 cups. My Dad constantly goes on about that period, and how they "Weren't allowed" to win more by the Athens clubs. Way before my time and I personally don't like to get swept up in all that other stuff. 

For me yes, recent yes has been the most successful. The weight of trophies I think supports that. Ultimately it depends who you ask, others may say the Koudas led team of the 70's was the most successful era for the club. 

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