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SL1-R18: PAOK - AEK (12-Jan-20, 19:30 EET)

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PAOK.jpg.7de7d2bb75e005d04e45c1019fd2758a.jpgVS AEK.png.b548a667dbe32cc53487a89565f416f9.png

MATCHUP:             P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki – A.E.K. Athens
COMPETITION:     Superleague – Round 18
DATE:                      12-January-2020

TIME:                      19:30 EET  (17:30 GMT, 11:30 CST, 04:30 AEDT next day)
CITY/STADIUM:    Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703)
REFEREES:             Orel Grinfeld - Roy Hassan, Idan Yarkoni (Israel)
TELEVISION:         PAOK TV (worldwide) - 
https://tv.paokfc.gr/video/paok-aek-live-3 (€ 7.99) 

PAOK vs AEK history:


2018-2019:  2:0 (Prijovic 2) - Attendance: 23,763
2017-2018:  1:0 (Varela) - Attendance: 18,741 (the paper champion won the game 3:0 on forfeit)
2016-2017:  0:1 - Attendance: 15,413   (PLAYOFFS)
2016-2017:  1:0 (Matos) - Attendance: 18,741
2015-2016:  2:1 (Rodrigues, Mystakidis) - Attendance: no fans (PLAYOFFS)
2015-2016:  2:1 (Rodrigues, Athanasiadis-p) - Attendance: 21,999
2014-2015:  AEK played in 2rd Division
2013-2014:  AEK played in 3rd Division
2012-2013:  1:0 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance:  15,239
2011-2012:  1:0 (Georgiadis) - Attendance:  9,771 (PLAYOFFS)
2011-2012:  3:0 (Vieirinha, Athanasiadis, Salpiggidis) - Attendance:  19,235
2010-2011:  2:1 (Garcia, Vitolo-p) - Attendance:  19,075  (PLAYOFFS)
2010-2011:  2:1 (Fotakis, Vieirinha) - Attendance:  18,453
2009-2010:  1:0 (Muslimovic) - Attendance:  25,303  (PLAYOFFS)
2009-2010:  0:1 - Attendance:  18,589
2008-2009:  0:1 - Attendance:  28,703  (PLAYOFFS)
2008-2009:  1:1 (Muslimovic) - Attendance:  25,203
2007-2008:  0:4 - Attendance:  11,569
2006-2007:  2:0 (Arabatzis, Mieciel) - Attendance:  15,686
2005-2006:  2:1 (Salpiggidis, own goal)- Attendance:  10,367

ALPHA ETHNIKI (Professional)

2004-2005:  1:1 (Feutchine) - Attendance:  9,568
2003-2004:  3:2 (Giasemakis 2, Salpiggidis) - Attendance:  24,829
2002-2003:  0:1 - Attendance: 11,340
2001-2002:  3:2 (Georgiadis, Katsiabis, Okkas) - Attendance: 21,542
2000-2001:  2:1 (Froussos 2) - Attendance:  7,038
1999-2000:  4:4 (Maragos, Dolberg, Georgiadis, Valencia) - Attendance:  22,226
1998-1999:  2:1 (Olivares 2) - Attendance:  13,535
1997-1998:  0:0 - Attendance:  30,347
1996-1997:  0:0 - Attendance:  24,056
1995-1996:  1:3 (Zouboulis)- Attendance:  7,946
1994-1995:  1:1 (FanRoy) - Attendance:  13,509
1993-1994:  0:0 - Attendance:  11,248
1992-1993:  2:1 (Lagonidis, own goal) - Attendance:  9,267
1991-1992:  2:2 (Toursounidis, Lagonidis) - Attendance:  6,184
1990-1991:  1:1 (Mitsibonas) - Attendance:  13,782
1989-1990:  1:1 (Skartados-p) - Attendance:  35,346
1988-1989:  0:1 - Attendance:  31,969
1987-1988:  2:2 ( Bannon, Karasavidis) - Attendance:  33,243
1986-1987:  1:0 (Vasilakos) - Attendance:  14,167
1985-1986:  2:1 (Siggas, Vasilakos)  - Attendance:  24,113
1984-1985:  1:1 (C. Dimopoulos) - Attendance:  40,506
1983-1984:  1:0 (Kostikos) - Attendance:  11,886 (played at Serres)
1982-1983:  5:0 (C. Dimopoulos 3, Koudas, Kostikos) - Attendance:  10,468
1981-1982:  1:1 (Georgopoulos) - Attendance:  15,706
1980-1981:  1:2 (Sarafis) - Attendance:  36,964  (Kaftanzoglio Stadium)
1979-1980:  4:0 (Guerino 2, Orfanos, Vasilakos) - Attendance:  24,082

ALPHA ETHNIKI (Amateur/Semi-Professional)

1978-1979:  2:1 (Guerino, Kostikos) - Attendance:  41,909
1977-1978:  1:1 (Damanakis) - Attendance:  17,552
1976-1977:  0:0 - Attendance:  45,252
1975-1976:  1:0 (Guerino) - Attendance:  45,010
1974-1975:  1:1 (Kermanidis) - Attendance:  39,017
1973-1974:  3:0 (Paridis, Terzanisis, Aslanidis) - Attendance:  26,426
1972-1973:  0:0 - Attendance:  39,554
1971-1972:  2:0 (Sarafis, Paridis) - Attendance:  35,411
1970-1971:  0:0 - Attendance:  25,660
1969-1970:  4:0 (Sarafis 2, Paridis, Koudas) - Attendance:  21,716
1968-1969:  1:1 (Terzanidis) - Attendance:  18,247
1967-1968:  1:2 (Giakoumis) - Attendance:  22,156
1966-1967:  1:0 (Giakoumis) - Attendance:  19,640
1965-1966:  1:1 (Charalambidis) - Attendance:  13,225
1964-1965:  1:1(Apostolidis) - Attendance:  9,337
1963-1964:  1:0 (Mouratidis) - Attendance:  19,912
1962-1963:  0:3 - Attendance:  14,442
1961-1962:  1:2 (Kiourtzis) - Attendance:  13,276
1960-1961:  1:1 (Raptopoulos) - Attendance:  ?
1959-1960:  1:2 (Nikolaidis)- Attendance:  14,230


1958-1959:  1:3 (Kiourtzis)- Attendance:  ?
1957-1958:  1:1 (Kouiroukidis)- Attendance:  ?  (Harilaou Stadium)
1953-1954:  2:2 (Papadakis, Karoufalidis)- Attendance:  ?
1939-1940:  3:4 (Kalogiannis 2)- Attendance:  ?
1935-1936:  4:1 (Ioannidis, Kalogiannis, Ilioupoulos, Kontopoulos)- Attendance:  10,000
1931-1932:  2:2 ()- Attendance:  ?
1930-1931:  1:2 (Papaiordanidis)- Attendance:  ?  (Iraklis Stadium)

GAMES:   71    WINS:  30    TIES:  25    LOSSES:  16

All PAOK home games were either played at Syndrivani Stadium (prior to 1959) or Toumba Stadium (after 1959) unless otherwise noted.


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I actually agree with you, I feel the club is just looking for excuses. At first I thought the penalty was soft, then saw the replay, it's a pen. Kristisic is no pen and the hand ball was inconclusive

Sad truth guys is both our goalies are not at the level they should be for us to be relaxed that we finally found our goalkeeper for the next few years.

This is exactly the kind of game Esiti should be playing; just hope he will have good form

Posted Images

Απίστευτη τελευταία δεκαετία με 10 νίκες και 1 ήττα στον αγωνιστικό χώρο κόντρα στην ΑΕΚ εντός έδρας.

Περιμένουμε δυνατή αντίδραση από την ομάδα. Θα ήθελα και αντίδραση από τον κόσμο, να κάνει sold out και να δείξει την στήριξη στον δις νταμπλούχο ΠΑΟΚ που μας έδωσε τόσες χαρές στις εγχώριες διοργανώσεις.

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5 derbies for zero wins so far this season, fair to say this is a must win. Just to clear the mental hurdle of winning a derby.  It's alarming that except for the match against Olympiakos we've conceded at least 2 goals in all other derbies so far this season a clean sheet would be massive. I think unless he has a disaster against OFI in the cup, Paschalakis will be reinstated in goals for this one. 

AEK's new Italian coach loves his defense and will no doubt come and shut up shop and try and hit us on the break, I think we maybe be in for a difficult evening where patience will be key. 

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AEK's cupgame tomorrow against Asteras Tripoli is postponed as Augenakis fears clashes between the "fans" of both teams. Might be an advantage for them, but evenso not at all. We'll see.

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Είμαστε πολύ μεγάλη ομάδα για να βγούμε από τις ράγες με μία ήττα. Επιστροφή στις νίκες με την ΑΕΚ και όλα καλά!

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Hell yeah.

The question marks for me:

Who is goalie?

Is Matos going to be back to his previous form?

Who do we start as CF?

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Αλλά και άλλες θέσεις είναι ερωτηματικό. Θα παίξει ο Μαουρίσιο ή ο Αουγκούστο; Θα παίξει ο Μίσιτς δεκάρι; Θα ξεκινήσει ο Βιεϊρίνια; Βασικά οι μόνοι που βάζω το χέρι μου στη φωτιά να ξεκινήσουν (εκτός απρόοπτου τραυματισμού) είναι Βαρέλα, Ίνγκασον, Γιαννούλης, Μίσιτς.

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Crespo took part in practice today, so there might be a slight chance that he will play. 

Matos has a different role this season due to mainly Giannoulis playing more like a midfielder than a LB. Matos basically becomes a third CB when Giannoulis attacks. Because of that we don't see much of Matos's scoring abilities.

In this game I would start Akpom as CF, and throw in Swiderski if needed depending on the scoreline.

BTW Matos and Augusto are back taking in full practices, so they are both available.  

As for the starting goalie, I would go with Paschalakis and play Zivkovic in the cup game.

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Israeli ref Orel Grinfeld is appointed for this match. He was the ref last year in Q3 CL against Spartak Moscow (and Koula's coach).

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Crespo took part in full practice and will be ready for Sunday. Mauricio and El Kaddouri are questionable.

PAOK TV announced that the game broadcast will feature 16 different camera including an overhead drone camera. Additionaly PAOK TV will broad cast the PAOK - AEK U19 game tomorrow at 12:00 EET.

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This is quite an important game. Basically with a win we pretty much secure the second place in the standings and entry into the qualifying rounds of CL. If AEK wins they will come as close as 6 points to us in the standings, which will make it a 3-way race for the title.

My lineup:

--------------------- Zivkovic ---------------------
Matos - Ingason - Varela - Giannoulis
Limnios - Misic - Augusto - Biseswar
------------ Pelkas ------- Akpom -------------

My prediction:  1:1

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You're backing in Zivkovic blackhawk? 

I think Paschalakis will get a run between the posts after Zivko's last few weeks, he never looked safe. He did keep those clean sheets but he never turned in a Paschalakis-esque performance where he kept us in a match. I think the clean sheets had more to do with the team getting to know Ferreira's system and tactics. 

I too would like Akpom to start, but given he started midweek in Crete I think Swiderski will get the nod to lead the line. 

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I think Zivkovic will start. Ferreira probably won't want to mix up his lineup too much. And Zivkovic had one particularly poor game, whereas AP had more than a few chances before he was dropped...

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Sad truth guys is both our goalies are not at the level they should be for us to be relaxed that we finally found our goalkeeper for the next few years.

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More important than the 3 points, we need a derby win.  If we don't win then it will just play on the team psychologically.  It will be a tough game either way.

As for our GK's, we've never had a class GK.  I though with Paschalakis we were finally there, but alas it's not to be.  You'd think with all our youth there'd be someone coming up.

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It's getting out of topic and I apologize, but I think overall Greece doesn't produce any good goalkeepers. Glykos, Barkas, Sifakis, Dioudis, Pashalakis, Karnezis, Kapino and whoever else... All good, but not enough to lead a time like PAOK or Olympiakos or AEK. Maybe Vlachodimos will be the one, but is already abroad!

Edited by Yiankos
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Crespo is in the squad. Mauricio too. I think Lamprou will be the one who will be cut from the following 19 players:

Πασχαλάκης, Ζίβκοβιτς, Μάτος, Ροντρίγκο, Βαρέλα, Κρέσπο, Ίνγκασον, Γιαννούλης, Βιεϊρίνια, Αουγκούστο, Μαουρίσιο, Μίσιτς, Εσίτι, Πέλκας, Μπίσεσβαρ, Λάμπρου, Λημνιός, Σφιντέρσκι, Άκπομ.

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I think he will give Zivkovic a chance in this game to see how he rebounds after the poor showing last week. He will play Paschalakis in the cup game on Wednesday. If Zivkovic under performs again against AEK, I think Paschalakis will get a start in the next league game.

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Αυτή τη στιγμή υπάρχουν διαθέσιμα περίπου 1,300 εισιτήρια

750 στη θύρα 8

75 στη θύρα 6

500 στις θύρες 1-2-3

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Surprising lineup:

--------------------- Zivkovic ---------------------
Matos - Ingason - Varela - Giannoulis
Limnios ---- Misic --- Esiti ---- Vieirinha
-------------------- Biseswar ----------------------
-------------------- Swiderski ---------------------

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This is exactly the kind of game Esiti should be playing; just hope he will have good form

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1 minute ago, pash said:

Thank God that was offside. But good thing Zivkovic SOMEHOW saved that twice.

Esiti got his pocket picked that almost lead to the goal. Defense looking shaky to start. 

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