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Now I'm a bit like a few posters here who don't really relate to hip hop as a movement born from urban African neighborhoods of the USA. I only recently accepted the high probability that I'm middle-aged.

I don't have any negative views on African-Americans. Why should I? I am a product of working class Greek immigrants to Australia. I have traveled to the USA. Driven and walked through the south side of Chicago and LA, Harlem in NY. I have an empathy for anyone who's a victim or who's downtrodden.

As for music I love American Jazz of the 50s/60s. Most of these ground-breaking and supremely talented musicians were/are African Americans or Afro-Cuban/Hispanics.

I won't denigrate hip-hop as not being musical or being juvenile and just say it's not for me. I listen to jazz like I mentioned and also really LOVE heavy metal music. Now most people I know view my choice of music as merely noise (the metal stuff).

I know for certain that the musicians who perform this music are all musically talented and most of them will never make a fraction of the money that hip-hop artists make. That's the difference though; these metal musicians aren't performing/recording their art because it will buy them a mansion or a fleet of fancy cars. It's not a product produced to shift units just so a record company can cream the top and make millions.

By the way, I am relieved that from what I have seen much of Greece's youth live and breathe heavy metal.

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My opinion is a lot like Akritis' post above. Most of my friend's listen to hip hop or rap, I'm not into it but I'll give the it a listen if it's genuine, not about money or sex, but real issues and topics.


I came across an artist named J Dilla a product of 90's underground hip hop scene from Detroit and liked his alternative take on hip hop music. It's experimental, you can hear diverse influences from genre's like jazz, soul and funk, he sampled a lot of different stuff, I heard a Frank Zappa bit in one of his tracks which surprised me. Enjoyed listening to the albums Donuts (2006) and Ruff Draft (2003). If anyone is familiar with his work and knows of anything similar I'm interested, if you're not I suggest you check him out.


Here's a track he produced featuring a jazz sample by Roy Ayers



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