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I have black friends too, but you need to realize that the world is much larger than your immediate circle of friends or just "people you know". Like I said, stats don't lie. You can hide from the ugly truth all you want even as it hits you over the head. 

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You're a fool if you think Greeks are anywhere near black people in regards to crime or voilence. Even today Greeks are some of the least violent people in the world and most crimes committed in Greece are committed by non-Greeks. You're referencing one soccer murder every few years in Greece. Black people in the US alone, murder EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are a tenth of the population and account for more than half of the murders!


How many black gangs are there and how many Greek gangs are there?? At most you'd say like 10 soccer/political based gangs compared to hundreds in LA alone. Are you out of your mind? Lakers fans are some of the most violent fans in the NBA, they riot every time the lakers win anything. What do you live under a rock?? Akou ekei oi Ellhnes einai san tous mavrous. You must be a whigger if you'd rather s%$#! on your own people before you admit THE TRUTH. Especially when your argument is so futile. 

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I'm the first to self critique when it comes to Greeks and Greece but if you think you can put Greeks even in the same sentence as blacks, in regards to violence, you are delusional. Rarely have I read such a ridiculous post. Every country in the world has graffiti, are you implying that graffiti is a black invention? For you're information the first signs of graffiti we found in Ancient Greece and Rome, graffiti is an Italian word, aerosol paint was invented by a white guy, and modern day forms of graffiti were started by punk rockers. Since when do full faces and adidas/puma soccer gear look like black gangs? Ti m*****es les.....Sure there are whigger posers in Greece too, but they are nothing but fashion fad followers and no where near as violent as blacks. Do you even know what the word hypocrite means? Doesn't seem like you are using it the right way. 

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Idk why you're getting so butt hurt, I know you're used to hearing your colleagues say "youuudooonooo whattaaa beenn thruuu filll mee??" but it sounds ridiculous when you bring it up during an actual conversation. For your information I might be Greek living in Astoria but while the other well off rich Greeks went to Greek private school, I was stuck in public school with all the hoodrats from the projects (queensbridge,ravenswood, and astoria were some of the worst in NY let alone Queens) who would spew stupid s%$#! like "white boy" and outwardly flaunted their racist views towards whites. Come to New York and try walking through East New York/Cypress Hills and see how far you get for no reason other than the fact that you're white. I grew up a little wanna be thug listening to rap too but the older I got the more I realized that this music doesn't represent me and that it was just a tool in encouraging a predominantly violent race of people, that harms our society more than they help it. The older you get, and the more you care about getting you're life in order, the more you realize how destructive the black community has been and how white privilege is just a myth. 


Privilege comes with power, and in our world power is money. I've gotten profiled in a rich neighborhood just for being there. I got my car searched, I got frisked, and I had to wait for 30 minutes. But I kept my cool because they are the authority. Had it been a black person all hell would have broken loose. "OOHH HELL NAWWW OOFFISAAA YOU AINTT GOT DA RAITT TO DOO DATTT!! HOP OFFF SUNNN"  They get tazed and then  some stupid video shows up on world star (next to all the other videos of black people beating on EACH OTHER) and then you have Al Sharpton organizing bogus protests. It gets old and it gets repetitive really quickly. 

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New York has gotten gentrified to the point where the Astoria projects are probably the worst ones left. But when I was growing up in the early 2000's Queensbridge and Ravenswood were still dangerous projects, and in the 90's queensbridge was one of the worst in the country. They're still bad inside, but the surrounding areas aren't as much anymore. That is in Astoria/LIC and the people who live there send their kids to school in Astoria so how do you figure that I was making my story up? All you need to do is google it before you start getting petty with your argument. I don't need to fabricate anything, my life experiences as well as statistics are the reasons why I've built my views, and whether I had this conversation or not with you, I would have the same views. So your point is invalid. 


I like how you acknowledge that you would get killed or "checked real quick" for wearing the wrong color in a ghetto neighborhood and yet you're arguing on behalf of black people in a conversation about violence. THAT is hypocrisy. Also, I do acknowledge that south central is one of the most dangerous places in the US(not like it used to be but still is) but California is spread out to the point where you can easily avoid bad areas. Whereas in New York you can try all you want to avoid these hood rats and you'l still run into them whether on the subway or anywhere you are because we're all on top of each other. Also don't compare tourist areas of NY to East New York, Rockaway, Cony Island, South Bronx ....Not to mention Newark. Like I said, walk through these areas and see how friendly people will be with you just because you are white. Ahahah "checked real quick"...........don't even have words for that one.


Lmao at mentioning an associate degree as some kind of measurement for success. I never said rap makes you dumb, but it doesn't represent a life style you would be able to realistically live and it encourages a way of life that threatens our way of life, the law abiding way of life..You get all hyped up about "the struggle" and yet rappers are making millions making s%$#! music...There's a reason most rappers who make it don't go back to their own hood. 

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This is the last post I direct to you in this stupid topic run by wanna be maurous. You named 3 rappers, woopty doo. Also 50 cent isn't even liked in Jamaica and he only VISITS with body guards. Some love he has for his old neighborhood huh? You don't put rap gossip in the same sentence as "educate" ....you "goof"..........How do you expect me to respond to your post less than a minute later? Still no response for the US crime statistics though..................ill leave it at that. 


Btw, "exposed" as a "liar" and not worth your time. Those types of words sound awfully familiar, maybe you've been reading a little too much of a certain forum. I provided statistics whereas you provided "but I know a bunch of black people" Hmm now I see what all the mod fuss was about, regarding you. Same posting style as a certain group of people who spend their days shitting on you. Wow, how the masks have fallen. 

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@ Aek66, the above music videos feature the Wu-Tang Clan, a rap group that are so righteous and devout to their black brethren fans that they created an album this year that they chose to sell to the highest bidder, who would have the option of keeping the album completely hidden from the public ears. Turns out the super hated albanian, price gauging, hedge fund manager, Martin Schkreli (the guy who raised the price of a certain life saving, AIDS medication by 5000%) bought the album for 2 million dollars and indeed hid it from the public. Wu-tang clan's most devout fans(predominantly black of course) tried to buy the album themselves but were only able to raise $15k. I guess thats what black power and black rights look like.


...Black rap group sells entire album to single (white) hedge fun manager.......hmmm wonder if its white privilege or if money has something to do with it. 

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