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I'm a Olympiakos supporter and I believe Fortounis should leave the Greek League. He has progressed so much since coming back to Olympiakos. He is talented and should be progressing to higher new levels abroad. Whether in the La Liga, Serie A or The Premier League. He is 24 and now is the time to move on. Even though I'm a Olympiakos supporter I care more for the national team and I want to see Greek players progress and become superstars.

As it is also better for the national team that Greek players are abroad and progressing and having passion for the sport.

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Siovas is 28 and NT is already deep in the CB position for the next 7-8 years. Think he can be a solid backup, but never play a significant role for the Ethniki. 

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Best of luck to the big guy, I think with a bit of luck and discipline he will do well.


Ανακοίνωσε Σιόβα η Λεγκανές




Ο Έλληνας διεθνής στόπερ θα μετρήσει τις δυνάμεις του στην Primera Division με τη νεοφώτιστη ισπανική ομάδα, που διατηρεί το δικαίωμα αγοράς του το ερχόμενο καλοκαίρι, αφού μπήκε η σχετική ρήτρα (κοντά στα 4 εκατ. ευρώ) στη συμφωνία με τον Ολυμπιακό.



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The last few years under vaggela olympiacos has become a real merry go round with one good signing, one bad one, one good coach, one dud one. 

Why has olympiacos backroom become so inconsistant? 

Is it financial or just incopentance? 

Not an attack just pure football question? 

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Who knows why, maybe the Greek league is a walk in the park and he don't wanna overspend, this summer was a disgrace, the team was left totally unprepared. I don't expect us to sign Tevez, but a little organization and at least the appearance of some sort of roadmap would be nice.

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Not sure you can blame the "Greeks" when you have the following people apparently making the football decisions:

Head coach 23px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Paulo Bento
Assistant coach 23px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Sergio Costa
Assistant coach 23px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Ricardo Peres
Assistant coach 23px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png Ariel Ibagaza
Goalkeeping coach 23px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Vitor Silvestre

As well as:

Strategic Advisor and International Relations: Christian Karembeu

Head of Scouting Department: Francois Modesto

Vaggela (Greece's future Prime Minister) has a say obviously and he pays the bills but he's being advised by the men listed above.

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I find it hard to understand how Maniatis has yet to find a club. He is still only 30 and has had a good career, all things considered. Played in big international qualifiers, Euro, WC, CL, EL, started and has not been bad for the NT in the last few months. How doesn`t another Greek team pick him up? Is it a wage issue? 

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Ανακοίνωσε Ζντιέλαρ η Μαγιόρκα




Η ομάδα από την Ιβηρική Χερσόνησο ανακοίνωσε την απόκτηση του 21χρονου μέσου, ως δανεικό από τους πρωταθλητές Ελλάδας, χωρίς ωστόσο να αναφέρεται η χρονική διάρκεια της συνεργασίας τους, η οποία σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες θα είναι μέχρι το τέλος της τρέχουσας σεζόν.

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