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No my friend it aint. Just because someone's nationality is Argentine, Portuguese, Spanish it doesnt make him a better player.

Figueiras/De Labella/Cardozo/Martins/Bruno Viana/Italian GK whom I ve already forgot his name. Do you actually believe any of them were anything close to decent?
Retsos became a starter because the others , in LB and CB were not up for it. And luckily, he was good.

Do you rate Da Costa anything close to Siovas? Siovas was named as a top missing player of the WC 2014. Do you honestly believe a out of form Siovas is anything close to how bad Da Costa was?

De La Bella. Maybe the best of the worst. Could be considered a good signing namewise, teamwise. But in the end didn't give anything more to the team. Loanmove was fine. No way we have to buy this.

Cardozo. Yeah, we ended up playing with Seba as a for half the season. Nothing more needs to be said.

Bruno Viana. Retsos stepped up and this signing was useless (at best). I don't know why they thought we needed a new CenterBack if it was just going to be having equal playtime and be in the equal level of our academy greek boys. Bad signing. Id rather have kept Laifis or Goutas.

Italian GK. All he had to do was step up and show he is a fine keeper in one match. Home vs Besiktas. Game ended 1-1 with Olympiakos hunting for a goal in Turkey. Pretty much sums up what we got. Another loan, but still. I believe the Panionios Gianniotis would be nothing worse.


Overall, Players of Olympiakos on loan had much better seasons , with lower teams than Olympiakos, than most of our signings.

Siovas starter in La Liga.

Gianniotas , starter and progressed higher to both Champions League (reached the Play-Off) and Europa League (his team beat Bilbao and went further). He played 43 matches for Apoel. 8 goals 7 assists. 

Ben at panionios starter. 36 matches. 9 goals 6 assists.

Laifis. Starter in standart 36 matches. Almost champion of Belgium. His value when Olympiakos bought him was 1 million. Now , one season later. It is 3 million. Probably sais something.

Gianniotis of Panionios. Well no need for explanation. He was evne called up for National team.

Goutas team didnt have a good season. I think Kortrijt almost relegated? Anyways, my point is, put Bruno Viana in his spot and it would probably be the same outcome. 


Im not trying to call any of these players world class ready to stomp the world and win the Champions League and the world cup. Im just trying to prove how biased you are because their flag isnt Brazilian, Spanish or Portugese. The only decent signings this season were Karim Ansarifard and was nothing special to be honest, Romao and Elyounoussi. So far, Marko Marin has not proven his name and worth. 

All im saying is that Olympiakos COULD NOT DO ANY WORSE this season, if he sticked to Bouchalakis and Androutsos instead of Martins,  Gianniotas and/or Ben instead of Marko Marin. Dimitris Goutas instead of Brouno Viana. Gianniotis instead of the Italian loaned Goalkeeper. Laifis/Retsosinstead of De La Bella. ANYONE(obviously Omar) instead of Paredes. If you really believe the players I mentioned being worthless (70% of our signings) proved anything. Then it's not me who is wishfully thinking. It is you thinking that Olympiakos actually cares anymore.


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Παίκτης του Ολυμπιακού ο Ταχτσίδης




Tο «toro.it» αναφέρει ότι πρόκειται για κανονική μεταγραφή του διεθνούς αμυντικού χαφ στους πρωταθλητές Ελλάδας, υπογραμμίζοντας ότι η «χρυσή» τομή μεταξύ των δύο πλευρών βρέθηκε στο 1 εκατ. ευρώ.

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I wonder what is going to happen in a few weeks when everything is done. Who will be sold? Who will be loaned out? Who will be released?

These are the few things i want to happen 2017/18 season with Olympiakos:

- Win games obviously

- Play the younger Greek talent

- The younger talent to step up (Retsos, Manthatis, Androutsos and Nikolaou)

- Play more Greek talent (Tachtsidis, Siopis, Risvanis and Kourtis)

- Sign a gun right winger 

- Sign a gun striker 

- Loan Bouchalakis to Nottingham Forest

- Do well in the champions league

- Sell Viana, Elyinoussi and Da Costa

Dominguez, Cambiasso and Cardozo have already left and Besnik Hasi has already said that we are trying to replace them with quality. Tachtsidis was just signed as i assume he replaces Cambiasso. Emenike is rumoured to join us. Who will replace Dominguez? I hope Fortounis stays or we should sell him for a good price im guessing around the 10-15 million mark. Nothing less. Bouchalakis should be loaned now that Tachtsidis has arrived. Kasami is good enough for the Greek League. Romao looks like a good defensive midfielder. Kasami is good enough for the Greek League. I dont know if Botia is good enough for champions league. We might need to sign a solid defender. Elabdellaoui is good enough to be in the starting 11. We need to sign a back up keeper to Kapino.

Does anyone think that the reason Marinakis bought Nottingham Forest was to loan out good potential players so they can experience football outside of Greece in a suitable level?

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Sadly, most of these you said is not going to happen.

Olympiakos already has some decent midfielders in Tachtsidis Siopis Romao Androutsos even Retsos for the 6-8 position. Yet they are still hunting 2 more in Ofoe and Gillet.

Which means Siopis and Androutsos will probably leave team, or just stay there and get benched for life because of the UEFA rules for Greek Players. Zdjelar leaves as well

I expect Retsos to be the only youth starter this season.

I also expect Pardo, De La Bella, Risvanis to leave.

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Maybe the coach doesn't have all the say. The board might want the coach to play Risvanis, Siopis and so on. Apparently Marin is set to be a key player for Hasi as he sees him as an important player for the team. Which means there will be competition for the number 10 spot. In my opinion Hasi rates Kasami and Marin so we might see them in the midfield and it could work. Which also means Tachtsidis and Fortounis will fight for those positions. 

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Giannotis is still on the squad and also registered for the Champion League, how he has proven to be Champions League quality I would love to know...here he is pictured right prior to flying with the team to Serbia.


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Holding midfield is way too stacked right now, and Im gonna consider it stacked even after some players depart.

Siopis/Zdjelar/ Androutsos leaving still leaves Romao/Gillet/Ofoe/ Tachtsidis in the holding mids position 4 players for 2 spots seems enough. And I doubt that all 3 of the ones i named first are leaving.

Wingers/Attacking mids we got Marin/Carcela/Fortounis/Seba/Manthatis/Martinez. expecting Martinez to wave us goodbye. Stacked again.

Strikers Ben/Emenike/Seba/Ansarifard. Karim most possible case is leaving us. 3 players again for one position. Stacked.

Fullbacks Koutris/Milic/Omar/Figueiras. one starter and one back up for each side. Gillet can fill the positions as well.

Goalkeepers starter Kapino Backup Gianniotis. was excellent with Panionios, many man of the match awards last year. Can't say I feel unsafe with him. 3rd keeper from the academies to gain experience, as happens in every big club. Stacked.

Centerbacks Retsos/Botia/Cisse/Nikolaou/Vukovic. Botia is been asked from bigger clubs. Retsos from even more big clubs. Can't see both of them staying. Cisse/Nikolaou not even close to professional defenders yet. Vukovic not sure yet, can't say we have a complete image of the player. 

And yet, the team is running for another center forward in Djudjevic? What is going on in their minds. just give 2-3 million and take a center back that can upgrade the team for good and possibly give us a good campaign in Europe. 

2.25 million is the cost of Zapata, and im sure there are at least 10-15 world class CBs, maybe in a dicline age but still above anything we could hope for who would be willing to come to Olympiakos and help with their experience.

I assume it's too soon to judge since by getting in to the group stage more players might wanna come but for now the team seems fine to beat a poor team Rijeca with ease, so no new additions might come.




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