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Sl-R32: PAOK. FC - Levadeiakos (03-May-15, 19:00 GR


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MATCHUP:           P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki ? Levadeiakos

COMPETITION:    Superleague ? Round 33

DATE:                    03-May-2015

TIME:                     19:00 GR  (16:00 GMT, 11:00 CDT, 02:00 AEST next day)

CITY/STADIUM:   Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703)


TELEVISION:         Nova Sport (Greece), Sport Plus (USA/Canada)


P.A.O.K.  vs. Levadeiakos history:   




2013-2014:  3:0 (Katsikas, Tziolis, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 9,020

2012-2013:  1:0 (Lino) - Attendance: 6,045

2011-2012:  3:1 (Athanasiadis 2, Ivic) - Attendance: 9,933

2009-2010:  3:0 (Vieirinha, Filomeno, Koutsianikoulis) - Attendance: 11,934

2008-2009:  3:1 (Muslimovic 2, Bakayoko) - Attendance: 13,973

2007-2008:  1:0 (Lakis) - Attendance: 7,297


Alpha Ethniki (Professional)


2005-2006:  3:1 (Salpiggidis 2, Giasemis) - Attendance: 4,011

1994-1995:  0:0 - Attendance: 9.243

1990-1991:  2:3 (Skartados, Anastasiadis) - Attendance: 3,720

1989-1990:  2:1 (Small 2) - Attendance: 5,100

1988-1989:  2:0 (Mitoglou-p, Fernando ) - Attendance: 4,849

1987-1988:  4:1 (Bannon 3, ?) - Attendance: 10,259



WINS:    10

TIES:        1


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Can't do that Itale.  


First of all I can't edit titles on the threads. I think only moderators can do that.


Additionaly I did enter the name as "PAOK" but the system changes it to Paok as it does not allow consecutive capital letters.

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Since all the games his weekend start at the same time, the game will only be televised live in Greece and on channel Nova Sport 4.


For us in US and Canada, Sport Plus will show the game on tape delay at 17:00 Central time. Sport Plus will not be showing any games live in its entirety. Instead they will have a live Multi Game coverage switching between games.

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I don't know if I'd say he's *bad* for us, per se, but he may a well be invisible. I keep forgetting he even plays for us.


Doesn't seem to matter who plays this match. We'll probably squeak by with a 2-1 or a draw.

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I don't know if I woul bet on winning this game. Levadeiakos needs points and EPO is sending Mitsios (remember the Kalloni game?) to help get them. If we play the same as we did against Giannina, we will have problems.


We should have an incentive to finish ahead of Panathinaikos in the standings just in case Olympiakos gets punished by UEFA as is being mentioned by some of the press. That's why the result against Giannina was bad. Now we have to hope Panathinaikos loses points in the last two games.

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Have to agree with Yiankos.  I'll be happy to see the back of Maduro.  Aside from a few good games here and there, he's been a disappointment.  And, given his pedigree, I was expecting big things (along with Maartens).

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My guess at a lineup for Sunday:


-------------------- Itandje ----------------

Skondras - Costa - Tzavellas - Rat

Golasa --- Noboa --- Kace --- Mak

---- Papadopoulos -- Koulouris ----


I think it's about time that Mak had a good game.

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Me too, it seems like he's adept at Katsouranis-style poisoning of the locker room. I was much more fond of him last year, when an obviously over-the-hill Lino kept getting played ahead of him.


This year, there are multiple options better than him at each position he plays.

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Tzavellas should have been dealt with by the front office, when he was creating problems in the dressing room. Anastasiadis benched him, but the front office refused to do anything about the situation. The same day Anastasiadis was fired, Tzavellas came back to the team with the blessing of the front office. And he was not the only one creating issues in the dressing room. It is no wonder the team just colapsed after December.

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Thank you for the link! Was listening on the radio on the way back from the gym, and shut it off one minute before the penalty was awarded. Sounded like we were doing well though.

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