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had a quiet match since milan only had 1 goal attempt but that one went in in the 88th minute when he was nailed to the ground after pazzini headed the ball in the far corner. a rare good display of udinese but thats also due to another poor performence from milan.

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from the highlights and ratings that i saw he had a superb match altough they lost 1-2 against inter but that was mostly due to some of his teammates. before the first half ended domizzi saw 2 yellows. in the 48th minute the 0-1 came out of a penalty but didnt really looked like a penalty to me and was a hard but good tackle from danilo , karnezis saw yellow after complaining. 2 minutes later di natale made 1-1 and in the 58th minute badu grabbed 2 yellows in a couple of seconds , how stupid can you be. in the 65th minute podolski came in a in the same minute he scored the 1-2 , was a great goal and out of reach for karnezis altough he had a little touch on it. he had ratings of 7+ and tutto mercato even gave him an 8 and thats alot in italy. i hope he finds a better team next season.













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well Akritis if your judging from the WC then he isnt worth 10 million but if you go by his performance in the serie a then he is worth it. i saw most of his matches and also today where they lost 1-4 against sampdoria but he couldnt do anything , sampdoria had about 12  shots on goal and he had some great saves. to bad the highlight i found only showed the goals , if i find a bigger one ill post it. udinese's cb's had an off day or so and their midfield had some sloppy ball losses. he was again udinese's best man with ratings between 6 and 7.









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Paidia, I'm joking about Karnezis. My post was in reference to some (specifically a certain Canadian poster who likes to debate incessantly) who have never forgiven Karnezis for his poor WC.

I honestly believe he's the best Greek goalkeeper in 30 years. Easily better than anyone since Sarganis.

The guy was a major reason that Granada escaped relegation last year in La Liga. He had so much competition when he returned to Udinese that many experts were predicting him to be loaned out again or to be challenging for the 2nd GK spot but he's owned the number 1!

He's deserving of the praise and speculation of a transfer to a bigger club.

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this article say that roma already made an offer for karnezis but it was turned down. they offered around 4 or 5 million but udinese wants more. roma wont stop there since sabatini and garcia likes karnezis wich i read in more articles and karnezis likes roma aswell it says here so the negotiation continues. roma already tried an offer for handanovic but inter asks more then 10 million so that slowed that down.



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sport.fm says that if roberto leaves that olympiakos will look at karnezis at possible replacement.






karnezis is still plan b at roma who first will go for handanovic but inter doesnt want him to go and i think he also got interest from man utd if im correct. udinese's coach decided to leave udinese after a very poor season , they ended 16th , worst season since they promoted in the 90's.





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thx for the update nick , he had many proposals including the one you posted but karnezis staying is not that bad since im almost certain he will be a starter next season with udinese and lets see if he can have another great season. then after that go to a better club who plays european soccer.

he renewed his contract till 2020 with better fees and udinese will catch more money for him also if they sell him. i hope udinese with a new coach will perform better then this season wich was bad.





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